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14.2.2. The CSP Technique Domain reduction and constraint propagation are especially appropriate for problems involving integer variables and logical constraints, such as scheduling problems. The combination of domain reduction and constraint propagation with linear programming can be very effective when solving problems involving both real and integer variables and linear constraints. This technique starts with the premise that it may be more ef cient to identify the solution only after it has been quanti ed. Every decision has a domain of possible
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File system permissions determine what different users can do with each file and directory in the file system. For example, whereas one user might have permission to read and write to a file, another user may only be allowed to read the file. A third user might not even be allowed to do that.
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STEPS: Creating a Default Rendering
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XSQLPageRequest Functionality DESCRIPTION Returns the JDBC connection for the request if one is defined for the page. Returns the encoding for the source XSQL page. Returns the value of the named parameter. Returns an XML document that may have been posted with the request. Gets an object associated with the request. Can be used to pass data between action handlers. Sets an object associated with the request. Can be used to pass data between action handlers. Returns Servlet , CommandLine , or Programmatic . Get the value of the named stylesheet parameter. Sets the value of a stylesheet parameter.
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import gettext _ = gettext.translation( messages , . ).gettext
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Part IV Drawing in Three Dimensions
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Among all PACS components, PACS display workstation (WS) is the one that all radiologists and clinicians are familiar with. PACS WSs in the radiology department have the highest quality allowing radiologists and clinicians to make primary diagnosis from the images compared with other peripheral workstations not within the radiology department. This section gives details of the WS design, hardware and software, ergonomics, features, utilization, and future development prospective. Figure 12.1 (excerpted from Fig. 1.3) shows how corresponds to the contents of Part II. Figure 12.2 depicts the WS in the PACS data ow. 12.1 BASICS OF A DISPLAY WORKSTATION
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TABLE 28.2A Training curriculum for PACS administrators at IPILab, USC Mode of Training Lectures and tutorials Topics Introduction to computer systems and networks Content UNIX/PC/Mac systems Networking basics Server processes Storage devices Database UNIX server and network administration basics System and network troubleshooting Basic concepts and standards PACS components: HIS/RIS, PACS broker, modality, DICOM gateway, PACS controller, diagnostic workstations, and Web server Review of work ow Examples of work ow pitfalls Clinical perspective of display workstations and PACS work ow Implementation methodology Identi cation of resources Implementation pitfalls Internet 2 Telemedicine and teleradiology Fault-tolerant PACS server Disaster recovery solution PACS archive upgrade PACS security ASP backup archive Design of PACS application server: Web, PC, UNIX PACS-based CAD server Demonstration and hands-on Con guration and set up of components using PACS simulator Troubleshooting each component and the entire PACS simulator and work ow System faults and fail-over demonstration Backup and upgrade Clinical PACS overview Follow through live clinical examinations Walk through daily PACS operations Troubleshooting clinical PACS: issues and examples
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This wraps up our quick tour of Python. We hope you enjoyed the trip. You now know most of Python s notable features. In this chapter, you: Ran the Python interpreter for easy interaction. Grouped statements by indentation level. Wrote functions to count words in a body of text. Created a handy Point class. The next chapter digs a little deeper and introduces all of Python s standard types and operators.
Delay or latency This is the length of time that a voice packet takes to travel between the two phone sets. A minimum delay is unavoidable because of distance, but VoIP should reduce that and remove other causes of delay. Packet loss There is some packet loss caused by conversion of voice data to packets, but VoIP should keep that within acceptable limits. Data packets are transmitted using TCP, which can retransmit lost or collided packets. However, voice packets are transmitted using realtime transport protocol (RTP), which is based on connectionless UDP. In the interest of speed, UDP does not retransmit packets in case they are lost or have a transmission error. Jitter This is the time between packet arrivals. This must be consistent to avoid unusually long silence.
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