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Figure 5.51. Western blotting, (a) Proteins are electroblotted onto nitrocellulose and stained. Non-speci c binding sites are rst saturated with BSA or some other protein. The nitrocellulose is then washed with an antibody speci c for one or more of the electrophoreticallyseparated proteins. This antibody binds speci cally to these proteins on the surface of the nitrocellulose. The membrane is then washed with a solution of a second antibody (speci c for the rst antibody) which is conjugated to an enzyme such as peroxidase. Peroxidase converts a substrate into a coloured product allowing visualisation of the location of target proteins on the blot. Note that more than one molecule of second antibody can bind to each IgG. (b) SDS PAGE was carried out in three separate, identical gels on a mixture of proteins of known identity and mass (track 1) and two individual samples (tracks 2 and 3). Gel A was stained with coomassie blue making all protein bands visible. Western blotting was carried out with two separate antibodies on the other two gels. The blot obtained for these are B and C, respectively. An immunologically identical band was found in both samples (arrow in B) and a second band also immunoblottcd which was present only in sample 3. This could be a breakdown product of the common immunoblotting band but is clearly distinct from the co-migrating band in sample 2. A different protein is detected by antibody 2.
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FIGURE 14-1: Close-up of the function buttons on the Microsoft remote versus the universal buttons on the Firefly.
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Figure 4-4: Installing IE-SPYAD2 to add sites to Internet Explorer s Restricted sites Web content zone.
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David Soldani, Paolo Zanier, Uwe Schwarz, Jaroslav Uher, Svetlana Chemiakina, Sandro Grech, Massimo Barazzetta and Mariagrazia Squeo
Part III: Protecting Windows XP Against Internet Threats
To a certain extent, you can use grip editing with blocks. By default, when you select a block, only one grip at the base point is displayed. However, you can show the grips of all of the objects by choosing Tools Options. On the Selection tab, choose Enable Grips within Blocks and click OK. Figure 18-13 shows the results of both settings. As a general rule, you don t want to enable grips for blocks when working with such complex blocks. However, you can turn them on to use grips to mirror, rotate, move, or scale the block if you want to use the grip of a component object as a base point for the edit.
Figure 6-66: The Build Index palette is used to create the index from entries identified in the Index palette. Classical Method of Bone Age Assessment of Children from a Hand Radiograph Bone age assessment (BAA) is a clinical procedure in pediatric radiology to evaluate the stage of skeletal maturity based on a left hand and wrist radiograph through bone growth observations. The determination of skeletal maturity ( bone age ) plays an important role in diagnostic and therapeutic investigations of endocrinological abnormality and growth disorders of children. In clinical practice the most commonly used bone age assessment method is atlas matching by a left hand and wrist radiograph against the Greulich & Pyle (G&P) atlas, which contains a reference set of normal standard hand images collected in 1950s with subjects exclusively from middle and upper class Caucasian populations. Figure 26.13
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