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Figure 14-25: The Leader Line & Arrow tab of the Leader Settings dialog box. In the Leader Line section, choose either Straight or Spline leader lines. The number of points determines how many times QLEADER displays the Specify next point: prompt. By setting a maximum, you can streamline the process of creating leaders and avoid ungainly looking leader lines with many segments. However, you can t set the maximum to less than two.
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a clearview of the nancial differences between its current lm-based operation and a future PACS operation. 18.1.3 Digital-Based Operation Planning a Digital-Based Operation
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Part II PC Pieces and Parts
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Naphthol dyes are supplied in two parts: a coupling component (substituted beta naphthol) and a diazo component. Both parts are water soluble, but when reacted, they form a larger insoluble colorant molecule. This is entrapped in the ber, giving the desired color as well as outstanding fastness to washing and bleaching. These dyes are typically applied in a continuous process by treating couplerimpregnated fabric with the diazo component. A typical continuous application process comprises the following steps: Prepare rst pad bath: aqueous solution of diazo salt. Prepare second pad bath: naphthol coupling component. Pad prepared fabric through rst (diazo salt) bath. Dry (thermal, steam-heated cans, or infrared). Pad fabric through second (coupler) bath. Wash, in several stages. Dry on steam cans. Cool and wind up on roll. Because of the reaction of diazo salt with coupler, these dyes have almost total resistance to washing off. The coupler solution is prepared with alkali, but aside from that, little is required in the way of chemical auxiliaries. An important environmental and safety concern is the presence of toxic or carcinogenic impurities in the coupler components.
The xsql:no-rows-query element is an element that can only be used as a child of xsql:query. It helps with a common situation your query returns no rows. If your query does not match any rows, then you are not going to get any XML back. If all you want is to display a message such as No data when this situation occurs, XSLT can easily accomplish this for you. However, you may want to use an entirely different query. In such a case, you simply place an xsql:no-rows-query element inside the xsql:query element as follows. In case your no-rows-query statement also fails to return rows, you can nest as many xsql:no-row-query elements inside of an xsql:no-row-query element as you need.
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