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Regardless of whether you intend to switch from Internet Explorer to an alternative browser permanently, it s well worth your time to download at least one of these programs to explore them further. Using a different Web browser does entail a slight adjustment period, but some of their advanced features and capabilities make them worth taking for a test drive.
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org.springframework.jms.listener.serversession: Provides an implementation of the JMS ServerSessionPool and ServerSessionFactory that creates JMS ServerSessions via a pluggable ServerSessionFactory. org.springframework.jms.remoting: Contains convenience classes for achieving application-
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The chapters in this part have reviewed the fundamentals of Visual LISP and VBA, and you ve seen the power that these languages provide for automating your work. However, they are not the only options for programming AutoCAD. ObjectARX applications share the same memory space as AutoCAD, and are many times faster than routines written in AutoLISP or VBA. ObjectARX is based on C++ and enables full object-oriented interfacing with AutoCAD. An object-oriented interface enables the programmer to create an object in memory (such as an arc), modify its attributes, and then modify the AutoCAD database. You can create custom objects that inherit properties from AutoCAD objects; that is, your object can assume all of the properties of a given object that is already in AutoCAD, and you can add to it. For example, you can inherit from a line so that your custom object has everything that the line does, and then you can add width to it if you want. ObjectARX offers a variety of tools that are unavailable to AutoLISP programmers; however, ObjectARX involves much greater development time than AutoLISP. You can use managed wrapper classes within ObjectARX to create .NET applications as well. AutoCAD 2007 requires the Visual C++ .NET compiler to compile and link applications for use with AutoCAD. ObjectARX can be obtained at the Autodesk Web site (www.objectarx.com).
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Liability Monitoring and Auditing Incident-Handling Capability Computer Incident Response Team Conducting an Investigation Evidence Evidence Admissibility Forensic Evidence Handling and Preservation
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modular, reusable code files. You also take a brief look at namespaces, and see how they can be useful for larger projects.
Table 2-7 Podcatcher Websites
Monitoring and acting upon conditions
Back in the wild first days of the public Web, a few Los Angeles Web designers got together and, realizing that many people had no idea what this Web-thing really was, created a set of standards Ethical Standards and Practices Initiative for designers to follow. One of the outcomes was a set of questions to present to potential clients in order to guide communication and production. The Beachparty Web site (www.beachparty.org) encourages you to adapt this ClientQuestions.pdf for your own use. Be sure to visit the Beachparty site. The lessons it shares are worth the time spent reading.
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