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Synopsis Convection heat transfer and ventilation in rotating electrical machines is poorly understood, yet thermal constraints impose limitations on the power capability of many motors and generators. CFD has the potential to provide understanding of the cooling process and aid in the design of improved machines. This chapter describes research done by The University of Nottingham in collaboration with ALSTOM Electrical Machines Limited to investigate airflow and heat transfer in an electric motor. The particular area of interest was the cooling of end windings in a large induction motor. CFD modelling was developed, using the commercial CFD code Fluent, and compared with results from an extensive programme of experimental measurements. The chapter will describe the problems that were faced in applying CFD to electrical machines in modelling: The complex geometries of the end winding coils; The interaction between the rotor and stator.
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Operating system memory requirement This is the portion of memory consumed by OS processes. Examples of UNIX processes are cron, terminal manager, sendmail, TCP port listener (inted) Volume Manager, RPC registry, route discovery daemon (in.rdisc), NFS, SNMP, and mount daemons. These processes can add up to 100 or more megabytes of memory and are provided in vendor OS documents. Kernel requirements This is the amount of memory used by the kernel and depends on tunable parameters such as Inode cache, directory lookup buffer, and so on. System Library memory requirement This component of the used memory is fairly static and is actively used by libraries. On UNIX systems, the libraries reside primarily in /usr/lib directory. Application and database requirement A large chunk of memory is used for background processes and associated with database engines and applications. This portion of the memory is initially occupied by the application and later shared by various user requests. The size of the shared memory segment is usually decided by application or database administrators as part of tunable parameters. This portion is independent of the number of users and can be sized separately.
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15.5.1. Two-wavelength Phase Measurement As long as the fringes generated at each wavelength can be resolved by the detection system, two measurement wavelengths can be used with phase-shifting techniques (Cheng and Wyant, 1984; Wyant, et al., 1984; Creath et al., 1985; Fercher et al., 1985; Creath and Wyant, 1986a; Creath and Wyant, 1986b; Wyant and Creath, 1989). These techniques are used to measure objects with height discontinuities larger than (l/4 at either of single wavelengths. By using the information from a second wavelength, the height range of the measurement can be signi cantly increased. A two-wavelength phase measurement is performed by rst taking data at one wavelength while shifting the phase in appropriate amount for that wavelength. The modulo 2p phase is then calculated for this rst wavelength. The illumination wavelength is then changed, and data are taken at the second wavelength with the appropriate phase shifts; the modulo 2p phase is then calculated for this second wavelength. These two modulo 2p phase measurements can then be combined to produce a modulo 2p phase corresponding to a long synthetic wavelength, which is the beat between the two measured wavelengths. The phase corresponding to the new synthetic wavelength can be described as l2 l1 je j1 j2 2pOPD l1 l2   2pOPD le
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well-de ned intracytoplasmic droplets may also be seen (Figure 11.2a and b) (Brunt, 2004). Histological features of in ammation, hepatocyte damage and brosis are shown in Figure 11.3. In ltrating in ammatory cells include macrophages and neutrophils, and hepatocyte apoptosis and necrosis may be seen. Collagen stains readily to show brosis; bridging brosis that spans the hepatic lobules is a precursor of cirrhosis, which has a micronodular pattern (Figure 11.3). Until recently, there was no consensus about what constitutes abnormal steatosis, or the histological features required to diagnose NASH. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) NAFLD Clinical Research Network have now published a validated histological scoring system that addresses the full spectrum of lesions of NAFLD, and have proposed a NAFLD activity score (NAS) for use in clinical trials (Kleiner et al., 2005). Importantly, in common with other liver diseases, the histological lesions of NASH are unevenly distributed throughout the liver; sampling error can potentially result in substantial inaccuracies in staging.
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If you use any of these graphic elements in your site, I hope you will provide a credit or thank you to the contributor somewhere on the site. Thanks.
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FIGURE 8.15. Diagrams showing the shadow patterns associated with astigmatism. (a) Knife edge parallel to the y1 axis. (b) Knife edge parallel to the x1 axis. (c) Knife edge along an axis making an angle f with the y1 axis.
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.emailvalidation.client. Java classes for the arguments and return value data types, based on schema defined in the WSDL, are generated under the package .xwebemailvalidation.emailvalidation.v2.messages.
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Don t expect to be able to edit your image after indexing it. Most of Photoshop s functions including the gradient tool, all the edit tools, and the filters refuse to work. Others, like feathering and the paintbrush and airbrush tools, produce undesirable effects. If you plan on editing an 8-bit image much in Photoshop, convert it to the RGB mode, edit it as desired, and then switch back to the indexed color mode when you finish. Now that I ve gotten all the warnings and special advice out of the way, the following sections explain how to use the options inside the Indexed Color dialog box. Adobe gave the dialog box an overhaul in Version 5.5, adding helpful options for locking down important colors, choosing from more naturalistic palettes, and applying transparency.
Table C-3 Movie Databases and Information Sites
address and be taken to a fraudulent site. Both of the links below claim to take you to Piggy Bank but actually take you to
Measurement Name Measurement Abbreviation Mean Diameter Short Axis Long Axis Area Best Illustration of finding Best Illustration of finding Measurement Name Measurement Abbreviation
CPU and Memory
Monogenic obesity syndromes
Transmitting along the first right singular vector of the matrix AH, i.e., the dominant eigenmode transmission, is optimum in terms of receiving SNR. This is because all transmit energy is concentrated along the direction corresponding to the largest singular value (hence the largest gain). All we need t o show is that with this beamformer, the outer channel coding across subcarriers can catch all the available diversity. To show this, consider the composite channel seen by the outer channel coding. Substituting the beamformer matrix w = [wl]into the channel model, we have the composite channel for the ith subcarrier as
However, most 2D commands accept 3D coordinates (that is, a coordinate that includes a Z value) only on the first point. After that, you must omit the Z coordinate because the Z value must be the same as that of the first point. For example, if you draw a rectangle, you can specify its first corner as 2,3,8 but the second corner must be specified without the Z value, as in 6,7. The Z value for the opposite corner is automatically 8.
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