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PL/SQL is tightly integrated with SQL, more so than most all other languages. Because SQL statements can be used inline with your code, your PL/SQL can be exceptionally easy to read. This contrasts with other languages, such as Java and C++, which must pass SQL strings to subroutines and gather the results of SQL statements in data structures. This leads to an abundance of plumbing and can make database interaction code cumbersome to write. The SQL statements that you see appear to be nearly identical to the Oracle SQL that you ve seen elsewhere in the table, but there are some important differences. Not all of SQL can be used in PL/SQL. Second, the SQL statements you use in PL/SQL most significantly the SELECT statement can be extended to allow tighter interaction. First, it s important to understand what SQL is allowed in PL/SQL. Data Definition Language (DDL) statements, such as CREATE TABLE, ALTER SESSION, and CREATE FUNCTION, are not allowed in PL/SQL. Only DML statements are allowed. Table 9.4 lists the SQL statements that you can use in your PL/SQL code, along with any additional features.
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Drawing from aspects of the DMAIC model, as well as the risk-based orientation and quality systems approach espoused by the FDA s twenty- rst-century cGMPs initiative, the Duquesne University Center for Pharmaceutical Technology (DCPT) has proposed a six-phase, iterative cycle for process improvement based on PAT (Figure 14). While there are certainly many acceptable variants of this strategy, some of which have begun to appear in conferences and the industrial literature, any successful PAT deployment, large or small, will most likely include some combination of these elements. In addition, each project phase will necessarily include one or more modules of training. Finally, while the project phases are presented as being discrete, most of the phases will overlap to some degree. In particular, consideration of the objectives for control, release strategies, and plans for continuous improvement should begin, along with management buy-in, early in the cycle. Preparation
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Furthermore, you need to configure those XML files that should be treated as Spring web flow definitions by Spring IDE. The configuration approach is very similar to that used to define Spring beans Configs. Following Spring IDE s terminology, a web flow definition file is called a Web Flow Config.
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17: Introduction to SQL
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You can also name the debug and release versions of your module as <module>_d.pyd and <module>.pyd, and Python will load them correctly. The .pyd extension is preferable to the system default (usually .so or .dll) because your module may be a wrapper for an existing library of the same name (for example, there already exists an opengl.dll file, so it s less confusing if the Python wrapper module for it is named opengl.pyd).
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