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Properties of signals and systems in the time domain and frequency domain
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Note You can also turn a view into a floating viewport, which you use to lay out your drawing for plotting. For example, if you have a top view, a side view, and a section view, you can easily use these views for your final plot. You turn a view into a viewport using the Sheet Set Manager, which I cover in 26. For now, you should be aware that you can use views both for the purpose of facilitating drawing and editing as well as for the final layout of your design for plotting. (AutoCAD only.)
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15 Designing Your Page with Frames
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Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions
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Part V Adding Multimedia, Movement, and Interactivity
Figure 7-18: Select the Aligned check box to align the patterns in all brushstrokes so that they match up perfectly (left). If you turn the option off, Photoshop starts each pattern with the beginning of the brushstroke (right).
The drawing used in the following exercise on creating boundaries, ab16-e.dwg, is in the Drawings folder on the CD-ROM.
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with type 2 diabetes, dyslipidaemia and cardiovascular disease ( 10). Worsening obesity is also accompanied by increasing ectopic triglyceride deposition in the liver and in skeletal and cardiac muscle, and appears to contribute to cardiometabolic risk (s 11 and 12). Conversely, weight loss is accompanied by shrinkage of the expanded fat depots. Certain factors preferentially decrease visceral depots, including exercise, caloric restriction, the antiobesity drug rimonabant (apparently a speci c effect of cannabinoid CB1 receptor blockade) and bariatric surgery. This may explain why these treatments improve insulin sensitivity and cardiovascular risk more than might be expected for the degree of weight loss. Various diseases can modify the distribution of body fat. Inherited and acquired lipodystrophies are characterized by the failure to develop, or the loss, of fat in speci c distributions. The anatomical predilection of these conditions is unexplained. For example, all adipose tissue is absent from birth in congenital generalized
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