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3: Spring Persistence Using JPA
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GoLive doesn t ship with any key-invoked Actions, but because I want you to be able to try one, OUTactions has kindly created Field Count Action just for owners of this book. You ll find Field Count in the OUTactions folder within the GoLive Stuff folder. It is meant for use within a form, so to see how it works, drag a form from the Forms tab of the Objects palette to any part of a page, and then drag a Text Area icon into it. Then select the text area on the page and in the Actions palette, select Key Press as the Event, click the Add Action button, and choose Field Count from wherever you placed it in the Actions menu. For Form Name, enter the default form name, FormName, and for Field Name use the default, textareaName. Use the Show in Browser button to type into the field. In the status area of the browser, you ll notice that your characters are counted each time you release the key. Now experiment with the Action s settings.
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Thanks to Bob Elliott, Sydney Jones, Steve Hoberman, and all of the others whose hard work went into producing this book. Special thanks to Sydney Jones for putting up with my sometimes overly generous interpretation of the Wrox guidelines.
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$authors[] $authors[] $authors[] $authors[] = = = = Steinbeck ; Kafka ; Tolkien ; Dickens ;
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As is evident by this relationship, narrowband systems with low sector data rates trying to provide megabit per second services must run at low sector loading efficiencies.
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Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions
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FIGURE 17-6: Agreeing to the license agreement.
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-90 -20dB E-plane H-plane
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(Prompt list)
The Elements section lists the current elements of the multiline. Elements are simply the lines that make up the multiline. The offset defines the distance of the line from the start point when you start to draw. An offset of zero places the line on the start point. As you can see, the Standard multiline style has two elements, each 0.5 units from the start point. Figure 16-30 shows the Standard multiline style as it appears in relation to the start point that you pick.
UNIXCompatible Modules
Table 20-2 (continued)
Figure 9-1: Two selection outlines with inverted interiors (top) and their equivalent masks (bottom).
6 Fourier Transforms in Statistics
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