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18 Applying GoLive s JavaScripts: Actions and Smart Objects
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The eyedropper tool which you can select by pressing I provides the most convenient and straightforward means of selecting colors in Photoshop. This is so straightforward, in fact, it s hardly worth explaining. But quickly, here s how the eyedropper tool works: Selecting a foreground color: To select a new foreground color, click the desired color inside any open image window with the eyedropper tool. (This assumes the foreground icon in the Color palette is selected. If the background icon is selected, Alt-click with the eyedropper tool to lift the foreground color.) You can even click inside a background window to lift a color without bringing that window to the foreground.
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which will save the plot as a postscript le called lename.ps. Other printing formats are available. As usual, the details are available from online help. Figure 13.1 is the plot produced by stepH.m for the speci ed value of K. Another example of an M- le that computes the frequency response (both magnitude and phase) of the linear time-invariant (LTI) system with Laplace transfer function is H (s) = 1 . 1 s2 + s + 1 2
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If you don t see the filter tree panel, right-click in the Layer Properties Manager and choose Show Filter Tree.
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Drawing a long line and then breaking it into two or more shorter lines is often much easier than drawing two separate lines. A common use for BREAK is to break a wall at a door or a window in an architectural floor plan. You specify two points on the object, and the command erases whatever is between those two points. Typically, you use object snaps to specify the points. Sometimes, you can use TRIM to break an object, but if you have no convenient cutting edge, you may find BREAK more efficient. You can break lines, polylines, splines, xlines, rays, circles, arcs, elliptical arcs, and ellipses. To break a line, choose Break from the Modify toolbar. You cannot select the object first. The command responds with the Select object: prompt. (Notice that you can only select one object to break.) At this prompt, you have two choices: Select the object at one of the break points that you want to create. You then see the Specify second break point or [First point]: prompt. Because you have already specified the first point, you can now specify the second point. The command breaks the object between the two points. Select the object by using any method of object selection. You then see the Specify second break point or [First point]: prompt. Right-click and choose First point. At the Specify first break point: prompt, pick the first break point. At the Specify second break point: prompt, pick the second break point. The command breaks the object between the two points.
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It is well-known that heterogeneity of processor performance must be considered with distributed systems. In this section, we identify conditions for which heterogeneity in network performance must be considered. For a distributed system, we de ne a group to be a collection of processors that have the same performance and share a local interconnection network. A group can be a symmetric multiprocessor (SMP), a parallel computer, or a cluster of workstations or personal computers. Communication occurs within a group and between groups. We refer to communication within a group as local communication; communication between processors in different groups is referred to as remote communication. Given that for the execution of the application some processors will require remote and local communication, while others only require local communication, there will be a disparity between the execution times of these processors corresponding to the difference in remote and local communications (assuming equal computational loads). Ideal Reduction in Execution Time A retro t step is used with the PART tool to reduce the computational load of processors with local and remote communication to equalize the execution time among the processors in a group. This step is described in detail in Section 16.3.2. The reduction in execution time that occurs with this retro t is demonstrated by considering a simple case, stripe partitioning, for which communication occurs with at most two neighboring processors. Assume that there exists two groups having the same processor and local network performance; the groups are located at geographically distributed sites requiring a WAN for interconnection. Figure 16.1 illustrates one such case.
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3 2 2 Closed Form Solution ..
Execute the following steps to open a Bean dependency graph for a Beans Config Set: Expand the Project pixweb node in the Spring Explorer. Select the Beans Config Set named webapp Bring up the context menu and select the Open Graph menu item. The dependency graph for the selected Config Set opens up; it will look like what is shown in Figure 11-5.
Type a slash (/) to create a fraction separated by a horizontal line. Type a pound symbol (#) to create a fraction separated by a diagonal line.
If you take pride in the accuracy of your drawings, you might as well make sure that the text is spelled correctly. You can use the SPELL command to check your spelling. The spelling checker acts just like the one in your word processor. Choose Tools Spelling and select some text objects to open the Check Spelling dialog box, as shown in Figure 13-31. You can type all to check the spelling for the entire drawing.
With all recursion there is the risk of an infinite loop, so it s important that you ensure that the recursion will stop. This is a combination of controlling when the template will be invoked and passing to it parameters so that it will violate that criteria at some point. The output of this particular template is shown in Figure 14.13. Now you ve seen the way to handle stateless paging without the use of an action handler. You ve also gotten to see XSLT recursion in action. You can do a lot of neat stuff with recursion, but it can lead to confusing and hard to maintain code. When you find yourself using recursion in XSLT, it s a good time to ask yourself if what you are doing can be better accomplished with an action handler.
The set of nCI linear equations must then be solved for the energies and coe cients. This is accomplished by diagonalization of the Hamiltonian matrix H, whose elements are de ned by Hab pa Hpb dt AX89
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