Network Hardware and Transmission Media in .NET

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The Fundamentals of Podcasting
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2. At the Specify corner of box or [CEnter] <0,0,0>: prompt, specify any corner of the box or right-click and choose Center to specify the 3D center of the box. 3. If you specify the corner (the default), you then see the Specify corner or [Cube/Length]: prompt. The default is to pick the opposite corner in the XY plane. AutoCAD then asks you for the height in the Z direction. This completes the box. If you specify the length in the XY plane, AutoCAD asks you for a width and a height. If you use the Cube option, AutoCAD asks for one length and completes the box. 4. If you specify the center, you see the Specify center of box <0,0,0>: prompt. Specify the center of the box. The Specify corner or [Cube/Length]: prompt appears. If you pick the corner of the box, AutoCAD completes the box by calculating the length, width, and height from the two points the center and the corner. If you specify the length, AutoCAD then asks for a width and a height. If you use the Cube option, AutoCAD asks for a length and completes the box. You can specify a negative length, width, or height to build the box in the negative direction. If you specify the center of the cube, don t forget that the center s Z coordinate is different from the corner s Z coordinate. AutoCAD always creates the box parallel to the XY plane.
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Specify center point of base or [3P/2P/Ttr/Elliptical]: 7,6.5 Specify base radius or [Diameter] <3.0000>: 3 Specify height or [2Point/Axis endpoint] <1.0000>: 1
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6: Extracting Business Rules
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Where d o the skills gaps lie within the organisation (and the development process) and what can be done to bridge them
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Transmission Control Protocol
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Disaster Recovery
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or, alternatively, by (5.114):
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Figure 5-3: The Import Site Folder is where you tell GoLive which site you re converting into a GoLive site.
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If you have saved the desired color into the Site Window, just pick that color from the Site Color List tab. No searching necessary.
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xsl:apply-templates Attributes DESCRIPTION An XPath expression that describes the XML nodes that should have their templates applied. By default, all the children should have their templates applied. Only those templates with a mode attribute of the same value are applied.
The new BREP command converts 3D solids into boundary representation (BREP) solids. This process deletes a solid s history and you can no longer grip-edit the solid or change its properties in the Properties palette. BREP is available on the command line only.
SUNDAY, MAY 19, 2002 AD
Spouses Parent and child Siblings 0.6 Dizygotic Monozygotic 0.5 Correlation coefficient (weighted by sample size) Twins
5.2 Computing Climate Model Parameter Uncertainties in Parallel
Figure 10-16: A schematic of an air compressor. 5. Choose Trim on the Modify toolbar again. At the Select objects or <select all>: prompt, pick the line at 3 in Figure 10-16 and press Enter. 6. At the Select object to trim or shift-select to extend or [Fence/Crossing/ Project/Edge/eRase/Undo]: prompt, right-click and choose Edge. Then right-click and choose Extend at the Enter an implied edge extension mode [Extend/No extend] <Extend>: prompt. 7. Pick the line at 4 in Figure 10-16 to trim the line. Press Enter to end the command. 8. Start the TRIM command again. At the Select objects or <select all>: prompt, pick 5 and press Enter. At the Select object to trim or shift-select to extend or [Fence/Crossing/Project/Edge/eRase/Undo]: prompt, pick the lines at 6 and 7. Press Enter to end the command. 9. Save your drawing. It should look like Figure 10-17.
Layer 3 switches perform the same task as routers and are deployed in high-speed LANs as well as in WANs. The Layer 3 switch is preferred over a router because routing decisions are hardware-based and thus are able to be performed much faster than traditional routers. Layer 3 switches are also able
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