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Figure 6.12 The Rayleigh distribution [Source: Meikle, H.D., Modern Radar Systems, Norwood, Massachusetts: Artech House, 2001].
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To place generic tags via the Outline toolbar, though, you need to know the HTML tag for the element that you wish to add. Here are the steps: 1. Select the tag immediately above where you want the new element to appear. 2. Click the appropriate button on the Outline toolbar. This places a new, blank tag below the previously selected element. 3. Type the HTML code for your new element, without typing the brackets, and then press Enter/return or click elsewhere in the page to set the change. You don t need to enter the code for the closing tag; GoLive does that for you. 4. If your new element s tag doesn t have a closing tag, the Toggle Binary button becomes active. Click the Toggle Binary button to remove the closing tag that GoLive automatically generates.
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The quantity p decreases monotonically with n since its numerator decreases and its denominator increases because x m # 0. The expectation of b is equal to
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Cigarette smoking is the single most important preventable cause of death and illness in the developed world, while cessation is associated with substantial health bene ts. However, only 40 70% of smokers ever attempt to stop, and fear of gaining weight is the most common explanation for not trying (Filozof, Fern ndez Pinilla and Fern ndez-Cruz, 2004). Weight gain is also cited as a major reason for relapsing after stopping smoking. Most people who stop smoking will gain less than 4.5 kg but up to 13% of people may gain as much as 11 kg (Figure 19.2). Low socioeconomic class, higher BMI, age 55 years, AfricanAmerican origin and heavy cigarette consumption
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Networking Basics
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Focusing on efficient business processes and work flows
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Experimental measurements
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Maximal ratzo combining (MRC). This algorithm performs maximum ratio combining on the uplink and uses the same weight vector for the downlink. It maximises the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) at the combiner output, assuming that no interfering signals are present, by co-phasing the array signals and weighting them according to their SNR. In this implementation the weight vector is updated every four frames (18.46 ms). Spatzal reference beamforming using MUSIC (MUSIC). Here MUSIC [41] is employed as a direction finding (DF) method in order to detect the number of signals present, and also estimate their direction of arrival (DoA). This DoA information is then used to synthesise a beam steered at the wanted signal and nulls in the direction of the other signals (usually interference). This beam synthesis is implemented separately for the uplink and downlink to account for the frequency difference between the uplink and downlink. In the TSUNAMI I1 test-bed, spatial smoothing, in the form of a Kalman filter. was also applied to the output of the MUSIC algorithm in order to enhance the tracking process. Grzd of beams (GOB). Here thirteen fixed beams (10" intervals from -60" to 60" in azimuth) are synthesised by the beamformer and the beam with the highest output power is selected for reception. The same look direction is used for the transmit case. Optzmum Combining (OPT). Here the DCS-1800 training codes are used as a reference signal to compute the Wiener optimum weight vector and the weights are adjusted to minimise the power of an error signal. The error signal is derived as the difference between the beamformer output and the local reference signal (training code). This is also known as temporal reference beamforming. Temporal reference beamforming grid of beams (AUC). This algorithm was developed by the University of Aalborg for use in the field trial system. In the AUC algorithm, 22 beams were formed over 60" of the useable beamwidth of the array, with beam selection based on wanted user training sequence correlation after 8 ms of averaging.
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DNS is part of the TCP/IP protocol suite. The computers on the local network have con gured the IP address of the local DNS server into their
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Initial SPR angle, R Time(s)
Telling time in Python Converting between time formats Parsing and printing dates and times Accessing the calendar Using time zones Allowing two-digit years
Configuring WPA
Figure 16.5 Combined PACS and teleradiology model (modi ed from Fig. 7.7). All network components and connections within PACS, within teleradiolgy, and the connection between PACS and teleradiolgy are shown in red. The FT/CA (fault-tolerance or continuously available) components should be used to replace the single-point-of-failure components in the PACS database gateway, PACS server, and application servers; in teleradiology: imaging center server and Web server at the expert center.
14 Neutrons
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