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Since the late 1990s, systematic studies have been undertaken in human obesity of various peripheral and CNS signals that are known to regulate energy homeostasis in lower mammals. These have led to the identi cation of several single-gene defects that cause severe obesity, mostly appearing during early childhood thus proving the concept that these signals also operate, to some degree, in humans (Figure 21.10). The known disorders are rare and are overwhelmed by lifestyle-related obesity, which is increasingly responsible for early-onset weight gain (Figure 21.3). In total, however, they may account for around 5% of cases of morbid obesity presenting in childhood, with polymorphisms of the melanocortin-4 receptor (MC4-R) accounting for perhaps 6% of selected cohorts (Farooqi and O Rahilly, 2006). Moreover, the large number of obese children who also have learning dif culties but who do not conform to any known syndrome (Ells et al., 2006) may imply that further single-gene disorders, affecting
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Part IV Using GoLive s Advanced Tools
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264 Note
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To create index entries, open the Index palette by choosing View Show Index. With the palette open, select a word to be included in your index and click the Add button, as shown in Figure 6-65.
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See 3 for an introduction to string syntax and formatting in Python.
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lar structures can now be determined compared to a decade or two ago. Three distinct pieces of information act as inputs to these programs. (1) The individual intensity of each spot corresponding to a Bragg re ection (Ihkl ); (2) the overall pattern of spots obtained; (3) the phase of the X-ray waves corresponding to each spot. We will now look at how each of these inputs contributes to generation of the electron density map.
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Part IV Layers, Objects, and Text
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If you select Spin, the image appears to be rotating about a central point. You specify that point by dragging in the grid inside the Blur Center box (as demonstrated in the figure). If you select Zoom, the image appears to rush away from you, as if you were zooming the camera while shooting the photograph. Again, you specify the central point of the Zoom by dragging in the Blur Center box. Figure 10-29 features examples of both settings.
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In most cases, you probably won t be entering text that requires hyphenation to an image. I mean, if you re entering that much text, you re better off doing it in your page-layout program and then importing the image into the layout. But just to cover all bases, Photoshop offers the Hyphenate check box in the Paragraph palette. When you select this option, the program automatically hyphenates your text using the limits set in the Hyphenation dialog box, shown in Figure 15-20. Choose Hyphenation from the Paragraph palette menu to open the dialog box.
1 bagel cheese 1 cup of tea 10.00 am 2 pieces of bread Jam 1 apple juice 10.30 am 5 sausages
where again W x; y is the wavefront deformation. The complex amplitude after passing the diffracting plate, as described in Figure 3.23 in chapter 3, may conveniently be written as   2p A0 x; y Text A0 x; y exp i W x; y l K Tdisc exp if Text A0 x; y
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The Ripple filter
Network switch
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