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Beam-Gas Scattering
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27 Publishing Your Web Site
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Now that s useful information! Take a look at how this query is built up. First of all, notice that the FROM clause now contains two tables, separated by a comma:
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A large hydroelectric development had been proposed for an area with known hydro potential, and detailed preliminary studies had been completed. However, there was some doubt about the economic viability of the project, because the energy environment had become less certain than it had been: regional energy demand forecasts had been reduced due to the general economic recession; world oil and gas prices were unstable; and the general pattern of future regional energy production was unclear. The owner, a consortium of utilities companies, saw a need to re-examine the capital costs. In particular, it was felt by the utilities involved that the original estimates may have been optimistic, and that the contingency allowances may have been too small. The critical factor of interest was the total cost of the development under normal circumstances; that is, what the project might cost in the absence of catastrophic events and force majeure incidents. This is a very limited objective, as will be seen later, which had implications for the kinds of risks that were considered in the analysis. The original cost estimate was derived from a traditional engineering analysis of preliminary design plans and drawings. It decomposed the project into a number of line items representing the main activities and items of equipment to be procured, with each item further decomposed into labour, material, equipment and indirect cost components. Cost variability and risk were included in the estimate in the form of a single contingency allowance, calculated as a proportion of the total project cost. The proportion reflected past experience with projects of this kind, industry practice and the feel of the estimating team. The estimate is summarized in Table 20.1 where the contingency is shown as 10% of the total cost.
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As Table 2-1 illustrates, you pay slightly more than twice as much for the Hush PC, and get slightly less for your money. Why then would anybody want to double their outlay The company name, Hush Technologies, says it all: this PC is as close to silent as any device with one or more disk drives can get. Although you can occasionally hear a drive working (both optical and hard disk drives make some noise), there s no constant white noise from any fan to interfere with listening to music or watching movies. Apparently, for some media fans this degree of quiet is worth paying a hefty premium to obtain.
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Reporting (to whom, when, in what form):
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When is a phone not a phone, but a smart phone And when is a PDA a phone and a phone a PDA Strange as it seems, these questions are increasingly more difficult to answer these days. Here s how we define it (as of today): A phone is a smart phone when it contains an operating system that lets the phone engage in data-rich services. By data-rich services we mean things like Internet access, game play, and so on. It isn t necessary for a smart phone to run on an established PDA (personal data assistant) platform like the Symbian, Palm, or Windows CE, but when a phone does have that capability, it is undoubtedly a smart phone. That s the easy part. A PDA is a PDA and not a phone when it has to have phone service added to it, and when the size and form factor isn t what s normally associated with a phone. For example, if you need to insert a phone modem add-on into the open slot on a WinCE PDA that s the size of a small brick, then that PDA is still a PDA. If the phone is built into the PDA, then it s a smart phone. Thus, we would argue that the author s (BAS) Kyocera 7135 (shown in Figure 17-2), a 3G phone with a Palm PDA, is a smart phone, but that the brick shape of the Treo 600 or the HP iPAQ h6315 PocketPC Phone Edition argue against their inclusion. Truthfully, this distinction is getting harder and harder to make, and if you re a PDA devotee you probably won t agree with this line of reasoning.
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Table 14-3 Database Exceptions
Water treatment facility
DNA 2 nm wide
Table C-1 (continued)
14 105.285 14.0032420 12 Mg 22 168.578 21.9995741 17 Cl 33 274.057 32.9774518 15 106.503 15.0105993 7 N 13 94.105 13.0057386
6. At the Requesting ID Information screen, type your national identification number and select an identification type from the list.
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