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Here s an enhanced version of the stockList example document used earlier that illustrates each of these major parts. First the XML declaration:
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Meeting the challenges of going online
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The drawing used in the following exercise on changing colors, linetypes, and lineweights, ab11-d.dwg, is in the Drawings folder on the CD-ROM.
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9.1. As we'll see in the next chapter, radiation in the present Universe, corresponding to a thermal background at 2.725 K, contributes an energy density corresponding to a density parameter of f2 rad = 2.47 X 1O- 5 h- 2 . The typical energy of a photon of light in a thermal distribution is given by 3kB T [where k B = 8.6 X 10- 5 eV K- 1 ]. Suppose that the number of neutrinos matches the number of photons. What massenergy (in electron volts) would these neutrinos have to have in order to contribute a critical density [Assume that the thermal energy of the neutrinos is negligible compared to their mass-energy.] The present upper limit on the electron neutrino mass-energy from experiments on Earth is about 10 eY. How low would h have to be to enable electron neutrinos to contribute all the dark matter in a Universe with the critical density A more accurate calculation (partly explored in II) suggests that the neutrino mass-energy required to give the critical density is larger than the crude calculation above suggests, being about 90h 2 eY. Is the electron neutrino a realistic dark matter candidate 9.2. Suppose it were suggested that black holes of mass 10- 10 solar masses might make up the dark matter in our galactic halo. Make a rough estimate of how far away you'd expect the nearest such black hole to be. How does this compare to the size of the solar system
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When you select the pan camera or trackball tool, Photoshop offers two Camera options on the right side of the dialog box. At first, the two options seem to do the same thing. A low value moves you in; a high value takes you out. But, in truth, they produce subtly different effects. Think of the Field of View option as a wide-angle lens and the Dolly option as a zoom lens, with both operating at the same time. A low Field of View with a high Dolly results in shallow shapes. A high Field of View with a low Dolly shrinks you to the size of a bug so that the depth is really coming at you.
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Building a Text Editor
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durability The requirement that a completed transaction is safely recorded in the database and will not be lost even if the database crashes. Edgar Codd ing in 1970. IBM researcher who laid the groundwork for modern relational databases and SQL start-
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AAA Model
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