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synchronization is nontrivial and can be complex and dif cult to optimize. Second, the parallel synchronization requirements for a collection of model algorithms can be aggregated to improve parallel performance. Consistency and Repeatability: A parallel synchronization must be repeatable; that is, if the operation were to be identically repeated as far as the simulation is concerned, then identical results must be obtained. Repeatable parallel synchronization assures that the same results are obtained given an unmodi ed simulation code, unchanged operating system and communication services, and stable parallel computer. Unfortunately, the underlying parallel communication service (e.g., a Message Passing Interface (MPI) implementation) is not guaranteed to perform in a deterministic manner the ordering of received individual processor-to-processor (point-to-point) messages may change unpredictably from one execution to the next. Thus, a parallel synchronization must manage the assimilation of shared eld values to insure that F vij P is a repeatable even when the underlying communication service is k not. In the Sierra framework, consistency and repeatability are achieved by accepting messages containing eld values vij P in any order, and then buffering these received k messages until the complete set can be assembled in a prescribed order (e.g., processor rank order). A synchronization function F is given a repeatably and consistently ordered set of eld values on each processor. This approach protects the parallel synchronization function F from operating on eld values in the unpredictable order in which they are received. However, this approach limits the ability to overlap communication and the synchronization computations. To date this constraint on performance optimization has not impeded scalability and has not been a concern for simulations using the Sierra framework. On the other hand, consistency and repeatability have been a signi cant bene t to simulations users when analyzing their own complex problems, models, and algorithms.
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The second reason is the algorithmic differential. For example, one department has chosen to analyze all old accounts. Another department has chosen to analyze all large accounts. Is there any necessary correlation between the characteristics of customers who have old accounts and customers who have large accounts Probably not. So why should a very different result surprise anyone The third reason is one that merely magnifies the first two reasons. Every time a new extraction is done, the probabilities of a discrepancy arise because of
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Laser Printers
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QoS and QoE Management in UMTS Cellular Systems
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ag in the frame to acknowledge proper receipt of the frame. The receiving station then retransmits the frame with the ag set back onto the ring network. On receipt of the frame with the ag set, the transmitting workstation transmits a new token frame onto the ring network and forwards it, allowing any of the following sequential workstations an opportunity to transmit onto the network. In a Token Ring network, one of the workstations becomes the active ring monitor. Any workstation can be an active monitor, but only one workstation at a time. It is the role of the active monitor to detect data frames that have traveled around the ring more than once. Once a frame that traveled around the ring more than once is detected, the active monitor will remove the frame from the network and discard it. If the active monitor determines that a token frame is missing from the ring network, it purges the ring network of any frames and then transmits a new token onto the ring network. The active monitor workstation is responsible for the timing and clocking on the ring network. All workstations on the ring network use the timing from the active monitor to ensure that the same timing is being used to receive and send data. A workstation becomes an active monitor by an election process when the absence of a ring monitor is detected. Upon detection of this message, a workstation transmits a claim token onto the ring network. Any subsequent workstation with a higher address that wishes to participate as the active monitor initiates a new claim token and transmits it onto the ring network. Through this election process the workstation with the highest address and participating in the claim token process is elected as the active monitor. Although Token Ring is a logical ring, its topology appears as a star-based network. This is accomplished by cabling and connectors designed by IBM. The cabling consists of IBM type 1 shielded twisted pair (STP) cable and a unique connector design which is bulky, giving it a distinct space disadvantage compared to other cable connectors. To complete the ring, these connectors are plugged into a media access unit (MAU), as illustrated in Figure 2-8. The cable is constructed with a receive pair and a transmit pair. When the Token Ring connector is inserted into the MAU,7 the receive pair is connected to the transmit pair of the preceding workstation. The transmit pair is connected to the receive pair of the following workstation, and the MAU completes the ring. Multiple MAU units can be combined to form a larger single ring network, as needed.
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To learn about layout grids and how to use them, see 7. For information on floating boxes, see 19.
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If you can t open a file in Photoshop, you may have another program that can read and write the problem format. Try the problem file in every program you have and every program your friends have. After all, what are friends for You may also want to try a program such as HiJaak or TransverterPro. And Windows has recently been blessed by DeBabelizer Pro from Equilibrium (www.equilibrium. com). Absolutely the best format converter bar none, DeBabelizer handles every format Photoshop handles, as well as Dr. Halo s CUT, Fractal Design Painter s RIFF, the animation formats PICS, FLI, and ANM, as well as UNIX workstation formats for Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems, and others. Still out of it Go online and check out such forums as ADOBEAPPS on CompuServe. The Usenet newsgroups and are other good resources. Post a question about your problem; chances are good someone may have an answer for you.
- OFDMA symbol offset at which the burst starts (in units of - Downlink interval usage code (DIUC) that defines the type of down-
SOLVIEW creates a whole set of new layers in your drawing. SOLDRAW freezes your original layers, leaving visible only the layers that are needed to display the profile in that paper space viewport. SOLVIEW creates a special layer that you can use for dimensioning one for each view that you create. For a view named front, the layer is named front-dim. You can use these dimensioning layers to create dimensions in paper space.
When it comes to working with MCE, network speeds matter in two ways. First (and for those users who don t have a local area network, or LAN, with other PCs or devices at home, foremost) is the speed of your Internet connection. Second (or not, as the case may be) is the speed at which local networks carry data. In an era when numbers for household networks are exploding, and where nearly all households with PCs also have Internet access, we feel obliged to cover both sides in this book. The section that follows covers the Internet side; the section after that covers the LAN side.
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show zones that are small in extent through a composite of several tests of the same mirror under the same conditions, but with the screen rotated at a known amount relative to the surface. The screen is placed near the mirror as shown in Figure 10.4, which shows the screen used with the two 2.1-m primary mirror made at Instituto Nacional de Astrof sica, Optica y Electronica (INAOE), in Tonatzintla, Mexico, and shows the 341 holes in the screen and the ribbed structure incorporated in the screen to make it rigid. The Hartmann pattern for this hyperboloid mirror is shown in Figure 10.5.
FIGURE 1.5. Appearance of the Newton fringes when a surface of long radius of curvature is kept on a good optical at. This situation is for a surface deviating by l=4 from the plane at its maximum. The center of symmetry of the fringes is outside the aperture of the surfaces, and hence only arcs of circles are seen.
On the CD-ROM The drawing that you need for the following exercise on saving a block to a file, ab18b.dwg, is in the Drawings folder on the CD-ROM.
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