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17: Introduction to SQL
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Figure 17-13
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4.3.1 Real covariance matrices
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SCSI-to-FC gateway
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Figure 4.68(b). From the experimental results, an approximate equation for determining f 2 / f 1 is derived as follows (applicable for x / y 0.28 0.85): d f ratio (d +
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FIGURE 15.28. (Continued)
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Table 38-3 openlog Facility Values
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Computed tomography (CT) imaging
No matter how many times you read and reread your pages as you prepare them for the Web, as soon as you (or your client) live with them for a while, someone will surely want some changes. Whether it s a word here and there, an image change, or some other modification, the editing process is no different from the original page design process. Uploading your site copied your pages to the Web server, leaving your local files intact within your Files tab as they were, ready and willing to be worked on again any time. As you continue to work on your site, the uploaded copy remains intact, being viewed by the public. Within your Files tab, you can make all the changes your heart desires. Then, when you re happy with the changes, you can upload the new changes.
One of the nicest ways to view your photos is on your TV. Media Center makes it easy and practical to get at your entire digital photo library and to use either your computer monitor or TV to view slideshows. My Pictures in Media Center also offers you the ability to touch-up the pictures and print them. Prior to using My Pictures, it is essential that you identify where your picture les are located. Media Center only searches for picture les in the folders you identi ed using the Find Pictures menu. Naming photos and their folders and understanding how creation dates are established will help you sort and nd your pictures.
When you drag an object property or method into the JavaScript Editor, the appropriate JavaScript referencing is automatically written as soon as you release the object. For example, to write history.forward(), open the window folder/list, and then open options under the history heading. In that list you see an object method called forward( ). Simply drag forward( ) to the page, and the editor writes the entire string: history.forward().
Controls access & monitors Data Grid resources Communicates between resources Computers, networks, storage system, instruments, etc.
Figure 11-2
The DELOBJ system variable has been updated in AutoCAD 2007 and has some new options: 0: Retains all source objects. 1: Deletes profile curves. For example, if you use a circle to create a cylinder, the circle is deleted. Cross sections and guides used with the SWEEP command are also deleted. However, if you extrude along a path, the path is not deleted. This is the default option. 2: Deletes all defining objects, including paths. -1: Prompts to delete profile curves. This is like 1, but you get a prompt so you can choose. -2: Prompts to delete all defining objects. This is like 2, but you get a prompt.
Architecture, Volume 1, 4th edition (Pearson Education, 2000). The TCP/IP Bible by Rod Scrimger, et al. (Wiley, 2001) is also a pretty good starting point for this subject. Microsoft s Internet Connection Firewall and Windows Firewall are copiously documented on TechNet (visit, then search on either product name). One helpful Internet Connection Firewall document is the Internet Connection Firewall overview ( com/WINDOWSXP/home/using/productdoc/en/hnw_understanding_firewall.asp). The two best sources of comparative firewall information I know of but be warned, they don t take Windows XP SP2 Windows Firewall into consideration are the PC Magazine firewall review from November 2003 (,1759,1370707,00.asp) and the reviews pointers and ratings at the Home PC Firewall Guide ( Be sure to check them out, especially for newer information on Windows Firewall. The Zone Labs Web site at includes security advisories, technical notes, and technical support information, all on the company s Service and Support page. This site provides a wealth of anti-virus information, along with tutorials, newsletters, and increasing adware and spyware alerts and coverage. Symantec s Security Response Center (http://securityresponse. is also well worth a visit. If you d like to check out more security scanning/checking services on the Web, above and beyond those mentioned in the main body of this chapter, I also recommend The intrepid and well-informed technical editor for this book, Mark Justice Hinton, also suggested and, as well. Both sites were new to me until he recommended them, but a quick visit convinced me that they re pretty useful, and worthy of inclusion here. To learn more about security appliances, see Dawn Kawamoto s CNET story Security-appliance market sees gains ( Written in September 2003, it s a bit dated but still identifies key industry players great choices when looking for potential purchases and market activity. If you want to acquire such a device for yourself, talk first to your Internet service provider (mine, for example, is Time-Warner s Road Runner division, and it offers interested customers a nice security appliance in my area for an additional $5 a month; it includes a router, a hub [in either wired or wireless versions], NAT/PAT services, and a firewall all updated and managed by the company as part of its monthly service charges).
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