Viewing a page s links with the In & Out Links palette in .NET

Encoder QR-Code in .NET Viewing a page s links with the In & Out Links palette

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You can align floating boxes in relation to one another or in relation to the page they re on, just like you can align other objects on your page. The difference with a floating box though, is that once you align it, the position on the page is absolute with regard to the top-left corner of the browser window. A floating box doesn t move in relation to the page s borders. To quickly align selected floating boxes, do the following: 1. Choose Window Align to open the Align palette. 2. Select each box you wish to align by moving the mouse to any edge of the box, and then clicking when the cursor becomes a sideways hand. Other selection techniques don t work when aligning multiple boxes, but to align only one you can also select it by clicking its name in the Floating Boxes palette. 3. Click the desired alignment option in the Align palette, as shown in Figure 19-6. Align to Parent aligns the box(es) to the browser window, from the topleft corner. This is the same as choosing an alignment option from the options that become available in the toolbar when a floating box is selected. Normally when you use this alignment option with an object on the page and you align to the bottom, left, or center of the browser, the object moves when the user resizes the window. Floating boxes are positioned absolutely though, so when you choose any alignment, GoLive reads the exact position of where the box lands and writes that exact coordinate into the ID selector tag in the internal style sheet for the page. This number does not change and the box does not move when the user resizes the browser window. Align Objects only becomes available when more than one floating box is selected. It enables you to ensure that two or more boxes align at any edge or along their centers. The positions of these new placements are absolute on the page, not with regard to one another.
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11: Rapid Spring Development with Spring IDE
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Figure A-8
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If you work in an office environment that includes many Windows XP systems, there s an easy way to determine which security updates and Service Packs have been applied to individual computers. Microsoft provides a tool known as the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) as a free download from its Web
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FIGURE 6.18. Some nonlocalized Tolansky fringes, (a) Fabry Perot plates were perfectly parallel and (b) the plates were tilted.
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Communications and Networking
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Figure 9.9 Examples of (a) normal and (b) binomial distributions. In the binomial distribution, n is the number of tests, m the number of successful test outcomes and p m=n the observed probability of successful outcomes.
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