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Fig. A.11 Circuit of the frame synchronous scrambler.
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modelled as the depletion capacitances of the gate source and gate drain diodes, and the drain source capacitance as a constant parasitic, that is, the substrate capacitance. This circuit automatically ful ls the nonlinear constraints just described. Let the diode capacitances have an expression of the type Cgs (Vgs ) = Cg0 Vgs 1 Vbi Cgd (Vgd ) = Cd0 Vgd 1 Vbi (3.65)
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PC Magazine Fighting Spyware, Viruses, and Malware
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To allow the getMembers() method to filter by interest, you only have to change a few lines of code. First, specify an optional parameter, $interest, with a default value (such as an empty string). Within the method, check if a value was supplied for $interest. If a value was supplied, add a WHERE clause to the SELECT query to filter on the otherInterests field. Remember to use the LIKE operator so you can search the entire field for the interest, and to use a placeholder for the $interest value for security reasons. In addition, if a value was supplied for $interest, make an additional call to PDOStatement:: bindValue() to pass the $interest value into the query, remembering to wrap the value in % ... % wildcards so that the entire field is searched. The following code shows the getMembers() method with the added or changed lines highlighted:
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Validating Spring Bean Definition Files
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Figure 6-59: When you select Save PDF Style in any of the views of the Export Adobe PDF dialog box, another dialog box appears with a list of all your current attribute selections.
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O n e of the main challenges facing companies is to drive success by providing personalised products and services, while simultaneously reducing costs. As the need to drive competitive advantage narrows the distinctions between companies offering similar personalised products, companies need to innovate and challenge the accepted norms in order to emerge as the industry leader.
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Now that you ve got an idea of what all the different pieces do, you re ready to do your first installation. The good news is that you won t have to make many choices, and the choices are pretty easy. The bad news is that it will take a while to complete. You are going to cover the two common cases: a Unix server installation (Linux, Solaris, etc.) and a Windows server installation (NT, 2000, XP). First, you will look at the prerequisites of a Unix installation. Oracle shouldn t be installed or run as root on a Unix machine. Windows servers don t have the distinction of a powerful root user, so those steps aren t required. Before beginning the installation, you should make sure that there is no Web server active on port 80. Oracle will install an Apache Web server for you, and the examples can be accessed from this Web server. It is certainly possible to work with an already installed Web server the next section explores how this works. If you are most interested in getting XSQL to work with existing components, you may want to skip forward to the next section. If you would like to get a XSQL system up and running quickly, just take the Web server down for now. To verify that there is no Web server running, perform netstat -a -n and scan the Local Address column for entries ending in :80. If you see any, you have an active Web server that needs to be stopped.
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6.2.4 Nuclear Overhauser Effect Spectroscopy (NOESY) NOESY spectroscopy uses generally the same sequence of RF pulses and time-periods as shown for COSY in Figure 6.16. The diagonal of a NOESY spectrum consists of resonances from protons which have not undergone crossrelaxation during m (i.e. 1 = 2 ) while off-diagonal peaks ( 1 = 2 ) represent through-space NOE exchanges of magnetization between pairs of protons arising from crossrelaxation during the mixing period ( m ).
Load webservice-validationclient.xml when the PIX web application starts. Take a look at the web application deployment descriptor, web.xml, from the wrox-pix-web\src\main\ webapp\WEB-INF directory of the code download. The webservice-validationclient.xml entry is added to the context-param tag in this deployment descriptor. The following is an excerpt from web.xml with the addition highlighted:
Thermoluminescent crystals made of lithium fluoride (LiF) can be used to measure fast neutrons indirectly by using the body to moderate and reflect them to the LiF crystal which is sensitive to thermal neutrons. Fast neutrons that strike the human body (or a phantom can be used) undergo a series of elastic collisions until they reach thermal energies. A fraction of these are in turn diffused out of the body and are captured by 6Li in the LiF dosimeter crystal with a (n,a) crosssection of 941 b. It is known as an albedo (the Greek word for reflection) dosimeter because it depends on the body to reflect neutrons back to the LiF crystal; therefore, the dosimeter must be worn on the surface of the body and it must be calibrated on a slab of tissue-equivalent material. The albedo factor is the fraction of incident neutrons reflected back to the dosimeter; it decreases gradually from about 0.8 for thermal neutrons to about 0.1 for 5 MeV neutrons. Intermediate values of the albedo factor are 0.5 at 1 eV, 0.4 at 10 eV, 0.3 at 1 keV, and 0.2 at 100 keV.
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