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Printing QR in .NET Figure 16-10: A new Text Area as it appears in a borderless cell, and its corresponding Inspector
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PACS Fundamentals 7 Image/Data Acquisition Gateway 10 Communications & Networks 8 PACS Server & Archive 11 Display Workstation 12 DICOM, HL7 and IHE 9 HIS/RIS/PACS Integration & ePR 13
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FIGURE 8.11. Knife-edge position projected over the entrance pupil plane of the viewing system.
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Knowledge falls into two categories: explicit knowledge, such as copyright or information codified in handbooks, systems or procedures, and tacit knowledge, which is retained by individuals and includes learning, experience, observation, deduction and informally acquired knowledge. Both types of knowledge are valuable for decision making and need to be nurtured and protected. Explicit knowledge can be protected through legal procedures; although tacit knowledge can also be protected by legal methods (such as non-compete clauses in employment contracts), this is usually unsatisfactory. A better approach is to ensure that the relevant knowledge is recorded and passed on, requiring efficient succession planning.
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This has deep implications in the extraction of a large-signal model, as will be described in 3. Similar considerations can be made for capacitances in an active device as partial derivatives with respect to gate source and drain source voltages of the charges stored in the device itself. Capacitances are usually evaluated from the small-signal S-parameters measured at many bias points, and therefore suffer from the same limitations as described for conductances. It is, however, not as straightforward and easy to measure charges in pulsed conditions as it is for currents. A solution consists of performing pulsed Sparameters measurement, that is, small-signal dynamic measurements taken in a very short time during a pulsed step of gate source and drain source voltage. The instrumentation is very complex, requiring the superposition of a sinusoidal test signal on a bias voltage step during less than a microsecond and the measurement of S-parameters in the same short time [33]. The conductances and capacitances extracted from pulsed S-parameters measurements prove to be actual partial derivatives of single-valued functions, that is, current and charge respectively. A very large amount of data must be measured by means of a costly equipment requiring a corresponding effort for data processing, making the total cost of this approach very high.
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The undiffracted beam has no frequency shift, beams diffracted in the same direction as the translation see a positive frequency shift, and beams diffracted in the opposite direction have their frequency decreased. One of the diffracted orders is selected, and interfered with the original frequency to produce a phase shifting interferometer. Mechanical translations, including rotating a radial grating about its center, can be used, but relatively low frequency shifts are obtained. Similarly, a small frequency shift equal to 2v=l is produced by the re ection from a moving mirror. Frequency shifts even larger than those of the Zeeman-split laser can be produced by an acoustooptic (AO) Bragg cell (Massie and Nelson, 1978; Wyant and Shagam, 1978; Shagam, 1983). Acoustic waves traveling through the cell create periodic index of refraction variations due to the sound pressure, and a moving diffraction grating is set up in the cell. Since the velocity divided by the period of the waves is equal to the acoustic frequency f, the frequency shift for this AO modulator is  mf 14:14
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Using the Publish to Web Wizard
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As you work in GoLive, you need to see not only the page you re creating, but a few other things as well. You re bound to fiddle around with your workspace until you find a setup that works well for you. The most common configuration seems to be placing the page to the left, as is standard computer practice, and then placing the Objects palette and Inspector to the right of the page. The Objects palette can be resized to fit just about any space. The Inspector can be resized, but its size depends on its contents. The Site Window must always be open as you work. As with other page layout programs, a large monitor (or two large monitors) is a true blessing. But in case you don t have the luxury of a large screen, or a second monitor, GoLive gives you some space-saving features. Many functions and key commands are built into GoLive to help you manage your screen real estate. In addition to some common aids, each platform (Windows and Mac) also has its own unique space-saving mechanisms. There will be many times when you need to view you page, but then Point and Shoot to a file in the Site Window. In case you don t have room for both onscreen, you can keep the Site Window directly on top of your page, and then use the Select Window button on the toolbar to bring either forward as needed. You have two ways to use the Select Window button. If you have just one page open on screen, just click the button to switch between it and the Site Window. But if you have more than one page open, click the Select Window button and hold on a moment until it reveals a pop-up menu, as in Figure 2-26. This menu shows each of the open pages as well as the Site Window, so you can choose between any open page in addition to choosing the Site Window.
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No. 7: Screws and Fittings
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Facility integrity
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Adding to the analysis challenge is joint-cost accounting, or how to segregate accurately all expenses between programs and services, administration and general, and fundraising. Is marketing an integral part of an organization s programs and services for clients, or is it an administrative activity in direct support of its programs and services In the same vein, are brochures, newsletters, and other publications prepared for client and media use, or are they administrative functions designed primarily for promotion and image enhancement Further, can expenses be isolated between marketing and communications in order to track responses against production costs American standards of accounting promulgated by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and audit guidelines published by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) were not written for Internet applications, with the result that how to report joint-cost expenses in these areas is left to the discretion and interpretation of the organization s finance and business officers and their auditors. The result is not surprising; no single methodology exists or is followed for joint-cost allocation. The search for established standards in performance measurement is likely to remain incomplete and unresolved. What s to be done What kinds of evaluations can be made Are there other report methodologies that can be applied to Internet and ePhilanthropy analysis Can the balanced scorecard be adapted to provide the answers Perhaps some new invention is required to define the attributes, criteria, and scope of assessment needs that can be framed, beginning with three areas: Who is being evaluated What is being evaluated And how are they being evaluated
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