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FIGURE 14.2. Three common interferometer con gurations: (a) Twyman Green, (b) Mach Zehnder, and (c) laser Fizeau.
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4. If your image contains slices, click the Output Settings button to display the Output Settings dialog box. You can specify how you want to create the required HTML code, set up automatic naming of the slice files, select the folder where you want all the slices to go, and more. I explore all these options in the Output settings section later in this chapter.
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6. If you want your drawing to look exactly as it did when you saved the layer state (in terms of layers), check the Turn Off Layers Not Found in Layer State check box. Any new layers that you create after saving the layer state are then turned off when you restore your layer state. 7. Click Close. To restore a layer state, open the Layer Properties Manager and click the Layer States Manager button to open the Layer States Manager. Choose the layer state and click Restore. Then click OK to close the Layer Properties Manager. The Layer States Manager enables you to manage layer states in the following ways: Restore: Restores a saved layer state. Delete: Deletes a layer state. Import: Imports a layer state that has been previously exported as a .las file. Importing a layer state gives you access to layer states that others have saved. Export: Saves the settings of a layer state in a .las file. Exporting a layer state gives others access to your layer state settings. You can also change the properties and states that you save by checking or unchecking any of the check boxes at the bottom of the Layer States Manager. To rename a layer state, click its name, type a new name, and press Enter. After you finish using the Layer States Manager, click Close to close the dialog box.
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11 Full-Court Filtering
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The drawing updates all of the instances of the block with the new file. You can also use the DesignCenter to insert and update blocks.
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QoS in 3GPP Releases 97/98, 99, 5, 6 and 7
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as minimum, most likely and maximum variations from the estimate, and interpreted as a triangular distribution. In this case, there was a 5% chance of a variation less than 10%, and a 5% chance of a variation over +10%. For Element 1.11, the supply and construction of the balance tank, variations were expressed as percentage changes from the estimated value (Figure 20.6). It was the estimator s opinion that detailed design would lead to a simplification of the pipes and valves under the balance tank, with a possible maximum cost saving of 10%. However, the saving could have been anything from zero to 10%, with no reason to believe any value in the range more likely than any other, and so a uniform distribution was specified. For other risks, different structures were appropriate. For example, there was a 20% chance that a labour site allowance might be imposed on Stage 1 construction, which would have the effect of increasing the Stage 1 construction costs by 30%. Figure 20.7 shows the probability tree structure used to represent this.
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of detecting small tumours in obese breasts (Verrijken et al., 2006). Endometrial cancer, which usually occurs in postmenopausal women, is consistently associated with obesity (Bray, 2002; Rose, 1996). In men, obesity (and perhaps high fat intake) increases the risk of poorly-differentiated prostate cancer (Verrijken et al., 2006; Barnard et al., 2002). In both sexes, haematological malignancies associated with overweight and obesity include non-Hodgkin lymphoma, myeloma and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (see 13).
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