Part III Adding Text, Graphics, and Links in .NET

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(command _circle 3,3 2 ) nil (command _circle 4,4 3 ) nil (command _line 7,2 6,6 3,4 5,5 ) nil (setq mysset (ssget)) Select objects: all 5 found Select objects: <Selection set 1>
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Which end-user applications will be used Which protocols will need to be supported Will remote access be required Which types of WAN protocol options will be used (if required) What are the security concerns In the next few sections, we will discuss some things you should consider when making these determinations.
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Headquarters Few learned paths between HQ and manufacturing plant: 1. A-C-E-F 2. A-B-E-F 3. A-C-D-F 4. A-C-B-E-F 5. A-B-C-D-E-F
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10: Web Service Consumer and Interoperation with .NET
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String formatting methods
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Part V Organizing and Managing Drawings
12.3.3 Core Layer
Figure 1.1o First Fuji CR system, CR-101 at the Osner Clinics, New Orleans.
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If the Options bar is hidden or you just don t like reaching to click the button, you can commit text by selecting any other tool, clicking any palette but the Character or Paragraph palette, or pressing Ctrl+Enter. While you re in text edit mode, most menu commands are unavailable. You must commit the text or cancel the current type operation to regain access to them. To abandon your type operation, click the Cancel button the large X at the right end of the Options bar or press Esc. When you create the first bit of type in an image, Photoshop creates a new layer to hold the text. After you commit the type, clicking or dragging with the type tool has one of two outcomes. If Photoshop finds any text near the spot where you click or drag, it assumes that you want to edit that text and, therefore, selects the text layer and puts the type tool into edit mode. For paragraph text, the paragraph is selected as well. If no text is in the vicinity of the spot you click, the program decides that you must want to create a brand new text layer, and responds accordingly. You can force Photoshop to take this second route by Shift-clicking or Shift-dragging with the type tool, which comes in handy if you want to create one block of text on top of another.
Fig. A.7 STS-N synchronous transfer signal level N . frames.
If you want to share an Internet connection from a Windows XP SP2 machine with other computers on a local network, you must use the Network Setup Wizard to share that connection with those other machines. To do this, click Start My Network Places and then select the entry that reads Set up a home or small office network under the Network Tasks heading in that window. As you work with the Network Setup Wizard, it guides you through a number of steps involved in setting up a shared Internet connection through your XP machine. By default, however, this wizard configures the gateway machine to respond to incoming pings from the Internet (Start Control Panel Security Center Windows Firewall, click the Advanced tab, and then click the Settings button in the ICMP pane) as shown in first sidebar figure. This setting is actually worded Allow incoming echo request, but for all practical purposes that means respond to incoming pings.
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