7: Anti-Spyware and Anti-Adware Programs in .NET

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Risk is defined as exposure to the consequences of uncertainty. In a project context, it is the chance of something happening that will have an impact upon objectives. It includes the possibility of loss or gain, or variation from a desired or planned outcome, as a consequence of the uncertainty associated with adopting a particular course of action. Much project risk management focuses on the negative consequences of uncertainty, and the early chapters of this book reflect that emphasis. However, the opportunities embodied in positive consequences may be important and can provide additional benefits and improved project outcomes. For example, changes in external conditions often provide opportunities as well as problems, and it is important to be able to recognize the opportunities and be able to respond swiftly enough to capture them and, through careful management, realize the associated benefits. Some individuals and organizations have become so used to thinking of risk management solely in terms of the negative outcomes of uncertainty that they recoil from using the same process to address opportunities. Some believe that all project plans start life with so much built-in optimism that the only significant uncertainty is risk. Others might accept the value of addressing opportunities but insist on using a separate process to do so. Each case must be taken on its merits but it is certainly worth considering whether a plan does embody opportunities. If it is worth considering opportunities, integrating them into the general risk management activity is a proven way to achieve a cost-effective process and better project outcomes. The definition of risk is broader than hazards . The risk management process can embrace this broader definition, within the same basic approach as is used to manage the undesirable consequences of uncertainty. As a project matures, highly focused processes, such as value management or value engineering, often have the effect of identifying and exploiting opportunities. In the early stages of projects, when strategic issues are vitally important, the scope for capitalizing on opportunities through an explicit process may be considerable. At this early stage, the process described here for risk management is an effective means of dealing with opportunity management.
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The discussion in this chapter applies to contracts for the provision of both physical assets and facilities as well as capabilities and services. As with construction projects, contracts developed to deliver services should allocate the risk of effective delivery to organizations that have, or should have, better capabilities for managing the associated risks. For example, an industry specialist that already has extensive national networks, logistics support chains and a skilled workforce may be willing and able to provide services more efficiently than a customer organization can do in-house, hence with a lower service delivery risk. If the contract is formulated well and risks are allocated properly, the customer is free of the risks involved in providing the services internally. The price basis of a service contract depends on the duration and nature of the services to be provided. As risks in the provision of well-defined services are often reasonably low, incentive fee or cost-plus service contracts are not typical, although fixed-price contracts may be geared to service volumes where there is an identifiable and measurable driver for the variable price component of the delivery and the customer is willing to take the volume risk. Examples of this latter form include IT or communications contracts where there is an agreed fixed price per transaction, facility management contracts with prices linked to occupancy rates, or asset maintenance contracts with prices linked to traffic levels. Most problems that arise from service contracts occur where risks have not been identified clearly in the first place, or not dealt with effectively in the contract. In these cases, risks are likely to return to the customer, who may believe mistakenly that the risk has been passed to the contractor via the agreement. For example, problems are likely if a large organization has outsourced the support of its IT infrastructure to a contractor, but has not correctly identified the processes and responsibilities for managing technology changes in the equipment in the contract. In this case, it is inevitable that the organization will be left with the responsibility for paying for and managing necessary technology upgrades. Many service contracts involve outsourcing, as in the IT example above. Outsourcing is discussed in detail in 15. Another particular form arises where the purchasing organization requires a specified capability and the provider must source the necessary assets, equipment and people for its delivery. Where government is the purchaser, public private partnerships or private financing arrangements may be appropriate. These forms of arrangement are discussed in detail in 16.
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Note Paper
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You may wonder how you can use your Media Center PC to take control of a set-top box like a cable box or satellite receiver. After all, the tuner on the TV card goes up only to channel 125, and digital cable or satellite channels go much higher. With a set-top box (a generic name we use for both cable boxes and satellite receivers) you let it tune in channels just as you would with your TV set. Does Microsoft expect you to run home and change the channel on your cable box when you need to record something No way! That s where a device called an IR blaster comes into play (an IR blaster is also often called an IR emitter). An IR blaster is an IR transmitter that s very much like a remote control. The difference is that rather than being connected to a remote control for a human to use, it s wired up to a computer for MCE software to use. When it s time to record a show, MCE sends a sequence of codes to your set-top box just as a remote control would, and changes channels automatically. During setup, if MCE detects a set-top box it asks a few questions to see if it knows the sequence of codes your set-top box uses. As mentioned earlier in this chapter, the only IR blasters MCE 2005 supports are the two that are bundled with the Microsoft remote kit.
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Likelihood measures Hardware maturity Hardware complexity Software maturity Software complexity Dependence Integration and interfacing Management processes Compiler: Date: Reviewer: Risk factor
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Table of values for cosine to the power n tapering Power of n 1 2 Cosine Cosine2, von Hann, Hanning 0.64 3.92 0.50 3.01 4.93 0.02 0.81 0.91 1.23 1.19 3.14 1.14 23.00 12 0.79 2.10 0.71 3.01 0.50 6.02 0.38 4.26 4.93 0.01 0.67 1.76 1.50 1.44 3.63 0.89 31.47 18 0.85 1.42 0.69 3.18
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STEPS: Opening a Drawing
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Fig. 2.6 Effect of the ratio s on the number of admissible connections for Flower Garden traces. 1999 IEEE..
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Establish performance standards and ensure that these are achieved To ensure success, senior managers must be closely involved
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Part I Introducing GoLive 5
Figure 5-4
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