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A plus sign indicates that the preceding regular expression must occur at least once, and may occur many times. For example, [sweatrd]+ matches various words, the longest of which is stewardesses. The regular expression [0-9]+/[0-9]+ matches fractions like 13/64 or 2/3. A question mark indicates that the preceding regular expression is optional, and can occur, at most, once. For example, col d matches either cod or cold, but not colld. The question mark has other uses, explained below in the sections on Nongreedy matching and Extensions. The general notation for repetition is two numbers in curly-braces. This syntax indicates that the preceding regular expression must appear at least m times, but no more than n times. If m is omitted, it defaults to 0. If n is omitted, it defaults to infinity. For example, [^a-zA-Z]{3,} matches any sequence of at least three non-alphabetic characters. A caret matches the beginning of the string. If the MULTILINE flag is set, it also matches the beginning of a new line. For example, ^bob matches bobsled but not discombobulate. Note that the caret has an unrelated meaning inside brackets []. A dollar sign matches the end of the string. If the MULTILINE flag is set, it also matches the end of a line. For example, is$ matches this but not fish. It matches This\nyear only if the MULTILINE flag is set. A vertical slash splits a regular expression into two parts, and matches either the first half or the last half. For example, ab|cd matches the strings ab and cd. Enclosing part of a regular expression in parentheses does not change matching behavior. However, Python flags the regular expression enclosed in parentheses as a group. After the first match, you can match the group again using backslash notation. For instance, the regular expression ^[\w]*(\w)\1[\w]*$ matches a single word with double letters, like pepper or narrow but not salt or wide. (The syntax \w, explained below, matches any letter.) A regular expression can have up to 99 groups, which are numbered starting from 1. Grouping is useful even if the group is only matched once. For example, Ste(ph|v)en matches Stephen or Steven. Without parens, Steph|ven matches only the strings Steph and ven. Python also uses parentheses in extensions (see Extensions later in this chapter).
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Arrangement CH2 resonances coupled with CH3 All up Two up One up All down CH3 resonances coupled with CH2 All up One up All down
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Figure 6-87: I included the directory path of the folder where my PostScript files were saved and saved the file as RunDirEx.txt.
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Try saving this file as fibonacci.php in your document root folder and running the script in your browser. Figure 4-5 shows the result.
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8 Optical Storage and HTPCs
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Part VIII Appendixes
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0 20 Angle, degrees
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Link a page to a frame using one of the following methods: Drag the desired page from the Files tab or the Site Window into the particular frame in which you wish that page to display, as shown in Figure 15-7. Drag the desired URL from the External tab or the Site Window into the particular frame in which you wish that page to display. This method is the easiest way to link to a page that s not a part of your site. Press Option (Mac) or Alt (Windows) as you click inside a frame and then drag to Point and Shoot directly from the frame to the desired page in the Site Window s Files tab or the external page s address in the External tab.
If you have a sound system or home stereo that you really like, you can use it rather than a set of powered speakers to provide sound for your Media Center PC system. About the only drawback in such a scenario is that it adds some complexity regarding volume control your current system will not be controlled by your PC remote control. You will need to turn it on an off and make adjustments including volume independent of your Media Center PC. You use the same connectors and cables as described for a set of powered speakers. The Line Out connection from the sound card should be connected to the Line In connection of your stereo or ampli er. A typical connection from a sound card to a home stereo is shown in Figure 6-12.
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