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The drawings used in the following exercise on attaching xrefs, ab19-a.dwg and ab19-b .dwg, are in the Drawings folder on the CD-ROM.
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You can create users through the User Accounts applet in Control Panel, but for full control over users, and to create groups of users, you must use the Computer Management console in Administrative Tools. Open Control Panel, double-click the Administrative Tools icon, and launch the Computer Management console. Expand the Local Users and Groups item in the left pane on of the console and click users to reveal the list of users already on your PC.
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Bottom-to-Top Cooled Racks
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if ( !preg_match( $emailAddressPattern, $_POST[ emailAddress ] ) ) $errorMessages[] = Invalid email address ; if ( !preg_match( $phoneNumberPattern, $_POST[ phoneNumber ] ) ) $errorMessages[] = Invalid phone number ;
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by using the ALTER SESSION statement to change it for a particular SQL session. Altering the session is generally impractical for XSQL and can t be done from the xsql:query action. If you change the date format in the init.ora file, then the default date format will be changed for everyone on your database. This may be ill-advised if your database has other applications.
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5. Double-click the sounds name in the Tracks list and give it a short descriptive name. (You can do this in the Inspector too, whenever the sound is selected.) To test your sound, switch to the Preview tab of the Movie window, and then use the play controls there or in the TimeLine window. If, at any time, you choose to delete a sound track, simply click the sound track to select it, and then press your Delete key or choose Edit Cut on Mac or Windows (or Edit Clear (Mac), or Edit Delete (Windows). (If the Delete commands aren t available under your Edit menu, click any other track, and then reselect the track you wish to delete.
By default, the XSLT stylesheet is processed on the server. If you want to defer the processing to the client, you can do this by setting the client attribute to yes. Some Web browsers, including Internet Explorer 5.0 and 6.0, contain XSLT processors and can perform the transformation at the client. However, it is important to know that you introduce browser-compatibility issues when you defer to the client. In fact, even IE 5.0 and IE 6.0
7. Choose View Zoom All. 8. Save your drawing. If you re continuing through the chapter, keep it open.
On the CD-ROM Wb.exe unzips to three programs that create a list of blocks in your drawing, and writes them to separate drawing files. Display the list of blocks and open selected drawings from the list; after you modify them, update those drawings as blocks in your current drawing. WBLOCKM also write blocks all of the blocks in your drawing to a folder that you specify. Look in \Software\Chap18\Wb. These programs work with AutoCAD only. MPE-arch is a library of mechanical, plumbing, and electrical symbols for architectural drawings, mostly lights and outlets. Mpe.dwg contains all of the symbols and can be used as a legend. Look in \Software\ Chap18\Mpe-arch. North is a collection of North symbols for architectural drawings. Look in \Software\Chap18\North.
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