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The LENGTHEN command both lengthens and shortens. It works on open objects, such as lines, arcs, and polylines, and also increases or decreases the included angle of arcs. (You can change the length of an arc as well as its included angle by using LENGTHEN.) AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT offer several ways of defining the new length or included angle. Use LENGTHEN if you want to lengthen or shorten an object when there is no available intersecting edge or boundary to use with TRIM or EXTEND. In the LENGTHEN command, the length of an arc is measured along its circumference. Don t confuse this with the Length of Chord option of the ARC command, which refers to the length of a line stretched from one endpoint of the arc to the other endpoint. To lengthen (or shorten) an object, choose Modify Lengthen. You cannot select objects before the LENGTHEN command. The command responds with the Select an object or [DElta/Percent/Total/DYnamic]: prompt. Choose one of the following options: Select object: This is the default. However, its purpose is to display the current measurements of the object. This can help you to decide how to define the final length or angle of the object. The current length is displayed at the command line, and the previous prompt is repeated. DElta: Right-click and choose DElta. Delta means the change, or difference, between the current and new length or included angle. The option responds with the Enter delta length or [Angle] <0.0000>: prompt. If you want to change an included angle, rightclick and choose Angle. Then type the change in the included angle. Otherwise, simply type the change in the length of the object. A positive number increases the length or included angle. A negative number decreases the length or included angle. Percent: Right-click and choose Percent. At the Enter percentage length <100.0000>: prompt, type in what percent of the original object you want the final object to be. Amounts over 100 lengthen the object. Amounts under 100 shorten the object. You cannot change an included angle using this option. Total: Right-click and choose Total. At the Specify total length or [Angle] <1.0000)>: prompt, you can either choose the Angle suboption, as described for the Delta option, or use the default total-length option. Either way, you enter the total angle or length you want. DYnamic: Right-click and choose DYnamic. This option lets you drag the endpoint of the object closest to where you picked it. You can use an object snap to specify the new endpoint. After you ve used an option to specify the length you want, you see the Select an object to change or [Undo]: prompt. Here you select the object you want to change. Be sure to pick the endpoint of the object for which you want to make the change. The same prompt continues so that you can pick other objects by using the same length specifications. Choose Undo to undo the last change. Press Enter to end the command.
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To access an object s property from within a method of the same object, you use the special variable name $this, as follows:
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Figure 4.57 illustrates the simulated interferometric patterns produced by the sum of the spherical aberration, the astigmatism, the coma, and defocus ( 4 waves). All the interferometric patterns generated with the vectorial shearing interferometer exhibit the fringe movement out of the center of the reference beam. The fringe pattern tends to rotate in the direction opposite to that of the displacement vector. The fringe density increases with the magnitude of the shearing vector.
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Controllers in Spring MVC are provided as implementations of the Controller interface. The Controller interface s handleRequest method simply takes a request and response object and returns a ModelAndView object. The ModelAndView object holds the name of the view along with the data that will be rendered by the view. With Spring s help, you are not required to implement the Controller interface from scratch. Spring MVC provides a series of out-of-the-box implementations that can be used to serve the most common use cases. Throughout this chapter you will be introduced to the key controller implementations provided by Spring MVC. Following is an example of the most basic controller implementation, the AbstractController. In this example, the AlbumsController retrieves a list of albums from the AlbumRepository and, if existing albums are found, adds them to a default ModelAndView. If, however, no results are found, the controller points the user to a page that can be used to create a new album. It also passes a message along inviting the user to create a new album. As you can see, the ModelAndView class plays an important role in a Spring MVC controller implementation. The core responsibility of a ModelAndView class is to store the model data and the name of the view that should render the data for the client making the request. The view s logical name is passed as a string to the ModelAndView class constructor or to its setViewName method. While you can explicitly set the view name in the Controller, it also possible to fall back to the default view name convention. ModelAndView is actually capable of providing default view names and model keys in case these are not explicitly defined. The following listing shows an example of both usages. When no results are found, the view name is passed to the constructor and the message to display (the model) is added with a key. When results are found, ModelAndView stores the model data without explicitly defining a key, and falls back to the default view name.
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RJ-45 Pin Assignment Signal Pin Wire Color White with orange stripe Receive Transmit + 3 5 White with blue stripe
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If you open a tag and then close it <i></i> without including any content, nothing happens to the text (unless the browser has a bug in it, which never happens, of course). You can use real <h1></h1> tags or bogus <fake></fake> tags to do this. Words can also be split up using HTML comments. Most markup, programming, and tagging languages include a comment function that allows the creator to add notes that the compiler or rendering engine doesn t parse. Comments help you write maintainable code. They can include information on who did what, what the person making changes thought she was doing, and how someone working on the code later can update it. Comments can also be used for other types of metadata for web pages, such as style sheets or JavaScripts. An HTML comment looks like this:
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PDF has many advantages in regard to developing a common viewing platform. For those who need to make notes and edit PDF files, the site licensing of Adobe Acrobat is integral. However, because all files can be reduced to PDF, only a single application site license is needed for the development of PDF documents. This aspect alone will make many office software purchases more cost effective. Compare a multi-user license of a single product to three, five, or ten different site licenses. Moreover, purchasing Adobe Acrobat may not be necessary for all personnel in an office. In some cases, the lower cost Business Tools version will accommodate many office environments. In other circumstances, if viewing a file prior to board and staff meetings or retrieval for later use is the main goal of certain employees, having them use the Acrobat Reader for such thereby increases cost effectiveness.
Figure 14-29: A set of continuous dimensions created with Quick Dimension.
To remove a keyboard shortcut, right-click the shortcut in the Shortcut Keys section of the Customize User Interface dialog box and choose Delete. Confirm the deletion.
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are similar to classes of samples that have been used to make the model. If a new sample ts a particular model well, it is said to be a member of that class. Many analytical tasks fall into this category. For example, raw materials like excipients may be sorted according to good and bad quality, nished products classi ed into grades A, B, C, and so on. Principal-component analysis (PCA) is a typical mathematical procedure for resolving such sets of data into orthogonal components whose linear combinations approximate the original data with a desired degree of accuracy. As successive components are calculated, each accounts for the maximum possible amount of residual variance in the set of data. In NIRS, the data usually consist of large sets of recorded spectra, and the number of components will be smaller than or equal to the number of known variables or the number of spectra. From Univariate to Multivariate Regression
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