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FIGURE 8.4 Measured E-plane (y z plane) and H -plane (x z plane) radiation patterns for the antenna studied in Figure 8.2 with h 2 = 40 mm. (a) f = 1830 MHz, (b) f = 2346 MHz. (From Ref. 5, C 2000 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.)
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Downlink jitter computation The jitter of a speci c bearer service is de ned as the di erence between the one-way delays of the selected packet pair (e.g., consecutive packets). This section proposes a method for assessing delay variation as the di erence between maximum and minimum one-way delay for a pre-de ned percentile of the distribution of delay for all delivered SDUs during the lifetime of the bearer in question. Assuming that the distribution of delay is normal, this is exactly the con dence interval corresponding to a given probability. Hence, for bearer service i the delay variation for the Xth percentile of the distribution of delay for all delivered SDUs during the lifetime of bearer service i is: Ji 2 n  Di where n relates to the level of con dence chosen by the operator. 9:23
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Frequency correlation of a measured channel in the city of Bristol, UK.
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Parallel Computing Engines for Subsurface Imaging Technologies
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Part V Organizing and Managing Drawings
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NMR at T = 2.3488 (MHz) 100 15.35 25.144 7.224 40.481 9.798 10.133
Social and psychological factors in obesity
Table 5.2). The histograms are derived from the 332 experiments whose cost values were the same or showed an improvement over the default model con guration. The parameter values of the default model are given by an asterisk (*). The values of the top performing six parameter sets are labeled by the particular line number that produced them. Reproduced from [29] Copyright 2008 AMS.
Creating the SQL is simple. If you don t already know it, you ll learn all about it in 8. The problem is that you have to go from the SQL result set to the HTML markup. In many cases, this is what the entire middle tier in the three-tier model is doing. You start with a result set of some sort, like this:
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Air Small Circular Hole Long Narrow Slit LSF PSF Image Plane
Figure 14-4: Give the component a descriptive name and save it to the Components folder that belongs to your site.
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