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The Zernike annular polynomials can be obtained from the corresponding circle polynomials by the Gram Schmidt orthogonalization process according to (Korn and Korn, 1968) "
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105 Number of trapezoids used (n)
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Appendix A: Maven 2 Basics
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ne of the first human interaction skills that we re all taught is the importance of sharing. Children are encouraged to share toys during playtime, and adults borrow things from neighbors all the time. Although there s little question that sharing has benefits, it can also have a downside remember the hedge trimmer that you leant out six months ago and haven t seen heads or tails of since How about the corner of your garage stacked full of items borrowed from your neighbor When not managed properly, the whole business of sharing things can turn into one big ugly mess (often quite literally!). Although slightly different from the world of tools, household items, or even the proverbial cup of sugar, sharing resources is perhaps the most important concept behind setting up a computer network. When you have a network at home or at the office, users can share resources such as printers and files almost seamlessly. A user sitting at one PC can send documents to a printer connected to another computer, or share a certain folder on their PC such that all other users can view, store, and manage the files it contains from across the network. From making better use of resources to making access to information more convenient, networks and sharing go hand in hand. Unfortunately, in much the same way that your neighbor may not have gotten around to returning your extension ladder, sharing on a computer network doesn t always run as smoothly as it should. For example, if you grant all users on your network access to an expensive colour laser printer, you might find an employee using it to print off a dozen sets of their summer vacation photos. Or, you may have shared a folder on your computer to enable your spouse to access open an important document, only to learn that he or she deleted all of the files in the folder by accident. Anytime you share anything, you re taking at least a small risk. When you want to take advantage of the benefits of sharing resources on a computer network but reduce your risk exposure at the same time, you need to explore ways in which you can secure things to an appropriate degree. For example, you might choose not to allow some users to access a certain printer, or deny a user the ability to do anything more than open and read the files in a shared folder. In this chapter you learn about the File and Printer sharing features of Windows XP, and specifically how to implement restrictions on how other network users can make use of shared resources.
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Determining the hatch boundary
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Manchester encoding is used for the transmission and reception of data in the use of either STP or UTP Token Ring cabling. The balanced signals for both the send and receive data signals allow for data integrity and greater noise immunity.
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Figure 12-6: The 2-antenna access point like the D-Link DWL-7000AP is an example of a set of antennas used in diversity mode.
Pilotage requires planning. If you ve been there before, the plan may be in your head, but it has been planned. Your old plan will need to be updated for the weather and tide on the day. Just like passage planning, of which this becomes part, start off with an overview and assemble the tools you will need, such as large- and small-scale charts, almanac and pilotage notes. The Basics of Preparing a Pilot Plan
Custom Action Handlers
Extract envelope from the received image
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