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129. U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Extra 6: Safety thresholds and best practices for extractables and leachables in orally inhaled and nasal drug products, PQRI Leachables and Extratables Working Group, available: LE_Recommendations_to_FDA_09-26-06.pdf. 130. IPAC-RS (1991, Mar.) Extra 7: Leachables and extractables testing: points to consider, available: 131. Allan, L., and Wang, Q. (2007), Impact of package on the stability of pharmaceutical products, Am. Pharm. Rev., 10(4), 38 44. 132. Waterman, K. C., Adami, R. C., Alsante, K. M., Hong, J., Landis, M. S., Lombardo, F., and Roberts, C. J. (2002), Stabilization of pharmaceuticals to oxidative degradation, Pharm. Dev. Tech., 7(1), 1 32. 133. Reed, R. A., Harmon, P., Manas, D., Wasylaschuk, W., Galli, C., Biddell, R., Bergquist, P. A., Hunke, W., Templeton, A. C., and Ip, D. (2003), The role of excipients and package components in the photostability of liquid formulations, PDA J. Pharm. Sci. Technol., 57(5), 351 368. 134. Hong, J., Lee, E., Carter, J. C., Masse, J. A., and Oksanen, D. A. (2004), Antioxidantaccelerated oxidative degradation: A case study of transistion metal ion catalyzed oxidation in formulation, Pharm. Dev. Tech., 9(2), 171 179. 135. Quarry, M. A., Sebastian, D. S., and Diana, F. (2002), Investigation of 4,5-epoxymorphian degradation during analysis by HPLC, J. Pharm. Biomed. Anal. 30, 99 104. 136. Nakamura, K., Yokohama, S., Sawada, M. T., and Sonobe, T. (2003), A new stressed test to predict the foreign matter formation of minodronic acid in solution, Int. J. Pharm., 251, 99 106. 137. Bohere, D., Nascimento, P. C., Binotto, R., and Becker, E. (2003), In uence of the glass packing on the contamination of pharmaceutical products by aluminium. Part III. Interaction of the container-chemicals during heating for sterilization, J. Trace Elem. Med. Biol., 17(2), 107 115. 138. Shen, F. W., and McKellop, H. A. (2002), Interaction of oxidation and crosslinking in gamma-irradiated ultrahigh molecular-weight polyethylene, J. Biomed. Mater. Res., 61(3), 430 439. 139. Welle, F. (2005), Migration of radiolysis products from radiation-sterilized plastics, Pharm. Ind., 67(8), 970 972. 140. Nassar, M. N., Nesarker, V. V., Lozano, R., Yande, H., and Palaniswany, V. (2005), Degradation of a lyophilized formulation of BMS-204352: Identi cation of degradants and the role of elastomeric closure. Pharm. Dev. Tech., 10(2), 227 232. 141. Glaser, V. (2005), Addressing stability of biological drugs: forced degradation studies predict effects on bioproducts in drug development and manufacture, GEN Genetic eng. news, 25(6), 1 5. 142. Code of Federal Regulations, Food and drugs, Title 21, Part 211.65, U.S. Government Printing Of ce, Washington, DC, rev. Apr. 1, 2004. 143. Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act as amended through Dec. 21, 2000, V, Drugs and devices, Section 501(a)(3), U.S. Government Printing Of ce, Washington DC, 2001. 144. Taborsky, C. J., and Sheinin, E. B. (2006), A critical approach to the evaluation of packaging components and the regulatory and scienti c considerations in developing a testing strategy, Am. Pharm. Rev., 9(4), 10 15. 145. Gudat, A. E., and Firor. R. L. (2006, Sept.), The determination of extractables and leachables in pharmaceutical packaging materials using headspace GC/MS, Application Note, Agilent Technology.
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Copying is very similar to moving. In fact, the only difference is that AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT does not remove the object from its original spot, so you end up with two objects instead of one. To copy an object, select it and choose Copy on the Modify toolbar. Alternatively, choose Copy and then select the object. When you choose the COPY command and have selected an object, the command responds with the following prompt:
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Although you can use the General tab in the properties of a group to add or remove members as shown earlier, you can also complete this task from the properties of a user account. To add a user to a group using this method, follow these steps: 1. Click the Users folder. Right-click a user account and then click Properties. 2. Click the Member Of tab. All groups that this user is a member of will be displayed. 3. Click the Add button. 4. At the Select Groups window, type the name of group you would like to add this account to, and click OK. If you re unsure of the exact name of the group, click the Advanced button. 5. To view a list of all groups that this user can be added to, click the Find Now button. 6. When the list of group accounts appears, select the group to add the user to and then click OK. Click OK again to close the Select Groups window. 7. If you mistakenly add a user to the wrong group, click the group name on the Member Of tab and then click Remove. 8. Click OK to close the user properties window. Any groups that you create can also be deleted. Deleting a group does not delete user accounts that are members of the group.
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Substitution of the lower energy solution equation (3.19) into equation (3.11) and setting SAB to zero yield the relationship between the coe cients for the lower energy wave function (MO), f L 1 , namely cA cB . Requiring that the wave function be normalized,
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Promotion Figure 14.10 The complete ERD.
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Part II: Learning the Language
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select another layer, right-click it, and choose Paste Layer Style. To paste a copied effect onto multiple layers at a time, link them together (as explained in the section Linking layers in 12) and choose the Paste Layer Style to Linked command.
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Appendix C
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In the case that no large periodic signal is driving the nonlinear element into nonlinear regime, the conversion matrix becomes diagonal, and the diagonal elements are the small-signal conductance at the bias point Gss,0 . The circuit becomes a standard small-signal circuit. The conversion matrix is very convenient in the case of the small amplitude of the input signal to be frequency converted. When the amplitude of the input signal increases, a Volterra series analysis can be implemented by extending the series expansion of the current in the nonlinear elements (eq. (1.133)) to second-, third- and possibly higherorder terms [30]. In this way, the dynamic range of the conversion is found and the intermodulation distortion is also predicted. This approach extends the Volterra series formalism from time-independent to time-dependent nonlinear circuits.
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Evolution of Decision Support Systems
Providing Internet Connectivity to the Ad Hoc WLAN
TTVS Tracking Device Status Off Activated Assigned Released Off or lost
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