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Preparing a drawing for plotting or printing
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Prepare to use the Flip Move Action by placing the floating box on your page exactly in the location where you want it when the effect begins. (Unless attached to another fancy move, place it where it will be when the page loads.) Set the box up as normal and be sure to give it a descriptive name. If the box will flip to the location of another floating box, have that other floating box in place, too. Wherever the floating box will be moving, know the coordinates of that location. The Flip Move Action requires the following trigger, Action, and Action setup: Trigger: Head Action, set (in the Inspector) to Load. Head Action, set (in the Inspector) to OnCall. A link on the page, called for by any event. The link can be visible text or a graphic on your page, or even be part of the contents of the floating box, as is the case with the example in Figure 18-19.
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Psychopathology associated with BED and NES in obese individuals
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Absence of E. coli
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dynamics in a three-dimensional model of the human heart. Top row: diastolic lling in the left ventricle and the right ventricle. Bottom row: systolic ejection into the aorta and the pulmonary artery.
Altering Matching Behavior with Pattern Modifiers Splitting a String with a Regular Expression Summary Exercises
Sets of variables are created containing elements that can be used in combination with each other. For instance, we will only create an element for FromTrainRoute for a certain combination of Activity and Route, if the route departs from the track where the shunting activity starts and ends in the zone where the activity is supposed to end. For each set of variables we will create an array, indexed by the variables. Each element of this array can have the value 0 or 1. A value 1 for an element means that the corresponding variable is selected in the solution. A value 0 implies the opposite. When a variable is selected, it means that either the shunting activity is carried out along a certain route or, depending on the type of variable, that the corresponding unit is placed at a certain location on a siding track, or removed from it. An alternative would be to (a) create an n-dimensional matrix including all combinations and (b) add constraints to the model to ensure that only the right combinations are chosen in the process of nding a solution. However, this would increase the number of variables and constraints, thereby in turn increasing the amount of internal memory and computational time required to nd a solution. The chosen representation, in which these constraints are checked during initialization rather than during scheduling, reduces the size of the problem drastically.1 A large number of variables that are obviously not suitable for use in the solution process are removed. We have included an array of dummy variables called DummyTrack, which is used to solve feasibility problems caused by errors in the input data. In this pilot we did not have data on the number and location of rolling stock units at the beginning of the scheduling interval. If a shunting activity starts at a moment when units of a certain kind have not yet arrived, we can use additional units to attain a feasible solution. We assume that for each kind of rolling stock and for each position on the tracks, there is an additional unit that can be used. In reality the rolling stock roster, the input for the shunting problem, is balanced. This means that for every unit that departs, another unit arrives. Therefore, if we have the correct data, we will not have to use any additional units.
CrossReference You can drag objects from a drawing into another application, such as a word-processing document. For more information on working with AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT and other applications, see 27.
Create a Java class that obtains the configured XFireClientFactoryBean instance (called emailValidationClient) from the Spring context and invokes the Web service. The following is the code for a Java class called EmailWebserviceClient that does exactly this. The EmailWebserviceClient class uses the Spring-configured emailValidationClient instance to invoke the validate operation of the e-mail validation Web service. To follow along, locate the in the wrox-pix-web\src\test\ java\com\wrox\beginspring\pix\emailwebservice\client folder of the code download. Two scenarios are executed within the EmailWebserviceClient code. The first scenario calls the validation service with a valid e-mail address, and the second scenario with an invalid e-mail address. The code for the EmailWebserviceClient class is shown next, with the portion that obtains the Spring-configured XFireClientFactoryBean instance (called emailValidationClient) highlighted. This instance, assigned to the validataionInterface variable, is used throughout the code to invoke the actual Web service.
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