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P1: KOA WY050-01 WY050-Ulick-v4 September 23, 2004 0:29
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4. Click OK to close the System Properties window. In cases where you select the option for updates to be downloaded but not installed, the Windows Update icon appears in the notification area of your taskbar when updates are ready to be installed (see Figure 7-7). When you click this icon, the Automatic Updates installation window opens, prompting you to proceed with an Express or Custom installation. The Express option installs all downloaded updates; the custom option allows you to select which updates to install, as shown in Figure 7-8.
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Users who don t have the Digital Signature feature can download the Digital Signature Verifier, a free application to verify digital signatures on signed drawings. The Digital Signature Verifier is available from the Autodesk Web site at,, 877495-123112-587113,00.html. (You can also go to and do a search on Digital Signature Verifier.)
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FIGURE 11.14. Lamp and pinhole assembly. The drawing shows a tungsten-halogen lamp, which should be on a centering and focusing mount, followed by a condenser, pinhole, and lter. The condenser should focus the lament onto the pinhole.
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Figure 20-3: Use the Data Link Properties dialog box to configure your data source within AutoCAD.
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In the six right-most color tabs, click directly on the desired color, as is being done in Figure 7-17 where a color is being selected from the Web Color List. (One or two have a slider also; you can use either this method or the next for those tabs.) In any color tabs where there s a slider, the key is to click the slider or drag it to set the color. If you drag the slider, the color sets when you release mouse. (Clicking in the preview area at the left doesn t set the color.) In any case, if you are not happy with a color you chose, simply click another color.
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Figure 21-6: Boingo Wireless s client software is a refined alternative to Windows XP s built-in software.
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The dotted lines show where the scrollbars will appear, by default The name of the page is displayed here
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supplies were tenuous throughout most of our history and that individuals possessing genes that encouraged the collection of food and the storage of excess energy as fat would tend to survive better during periods of famine (Neel, 1962). These advantageous thrifty genes would be positively selected through thousands of generations; their persistence into modern and af uent societies, where food is readily and continuously available, will continue to promote the deposition of fat and hence obesity. Obesity shortens life expectancy, but most obese people survive into and beyond the reproductive years, so there is no selection pressure against the thrifty genes under present-day conditions. The thrifty gene hypothesis has dominated thinking for over 50 years, but has recently been challenged (Benyshek and Watson, 2006; Speakman, 2004, Speakman, 2007). It is argued that major famines are a comparatively recent phenomenon (since the spread of organized agriculture), and they are rare events (every 150 years, in most populations) and kill relatively few people. Consequently, famine might not have a suf ciently powerful or longlasting selection impact to cause the widespread acquisition of thrifty genes. Modern hunter-gatherers, such as the !kung san tribe from Cameroon do not become obese between periods of famine (Speakman, 2007). Moreover, the distribution of BMI in modern populations indicates that there exists a subgroup who remain lean despite the prevailing obesogenic environment (Flegal et al., 2002; Ogden et al., 2006). This begs the question as to why the intense positive selection for thrifty genes has somehow spared these individuals. Speakman (2007) has suggested a radical alternative, namely the release from predation hypothesis. This proposes that body weight ranges between a lower limit, imposed by the risk of starvation, and an upper limit that relates to the risk of being killed by predators. Ancient hominids such as Australopithecus (2 6 million years ago) lived among large predators, and overweight individuals might not have survived. The development of social behaviour, re and weapons is postulated to have removed the threat of predation and thus the ceiling on body weight when weight, freed from selection pressure, would be subject to random genetic drift. This hypothesis is supported by mathematical modelling of the distribution of BMI in modern populations following 2 million years of
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