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This is true even if you are trying to install a newer version of the package, so to override this, you need to use the upgrade option, -U. You can use the upgrade option with the additional options that you used with the -i option, like so:
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where A p = p - po. Let us write the closed orbit of an off-momentum particle in the form
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The UKHO tidal curves make it very easy to adapt the curve for the standard port into the curve for the secondary port, using a graphical solution. With practice the procedure is quick and easy, although to be honest, many yachtsmen are put off using it, maybe because they are striving after unnecessary accuracy. The French (SHOM) method allows calculation of tidal heights for secondary ports. Most of the others require mental gymnastics if you need to know tidal heights at times other than high or low water. For detailed instructions, see Appendix 3.
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Flare, Metamerism, and Fluorescence
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Of course, I = a W (x) dx = I (b) I (a). The series (9.61b) gives the exact value for I (y) and so may be compared to estimates produced by the trapezoidal and Simpson rules. Assuming that n = 100, the following table of values is obtained [MATLAB implementation of (9.61) and the numerical integration rules]:
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Figure 27.6 Location tracking and facial veri cation system (LTVS) architecture. Gray: Commercial off-the-shelf; yellow: in-house development. The FRS and LTVS databases are in-house developments. The system architecture shows the LTVS server, which consists of a Web server application that runs the Web-based graphical user Interface (GUI). (a) Facial biometrics veri cation module with cameras; (b) wireless location tracking module with tags; (c) Web server with GUI for clients to access. Perl = practical extraction and report language; FRS = Facial biometric recognition system; API = application programming Interface.
The edit tools don t apply color; rather, they influence existing colors in an image. Figure 5-4 shows each of the six edit tools applied to a randomized background. Future sections cover the tools in more detail, but here s a brief introduction: Blur: The first of the two focus tools, the blur tool blurs an image by lessening the amount of color contrast between neighboring pixels. Sharpen: The second focus tool selectively sharpens by increasing the contrast between neighboring pixels. Generally speaking, both the blur and sharpen tools are less useful than their command counterparts in the Filters menu. They provide less control and usually require scrubbing at an image. Maybe I ve been using a computer too long, but my wrist starts to ache when I use these tools. If, unlike me, you like the basic principle behind the tools, but you want to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome, you can achieve consistent, predictable results without scrubbing by using the tools in combination with the Shift key, as described in the next section, Basic techniques. Smudge: The smudge tool smears colors in an image. The effect is much like dragging your finger across wet paint. Dodge: The first of three toning tools, the dodge tool lets you lighten a portion of an image by dragging across it. Named after a traditional film exposure technique, the dodge tool is supposed to look like a little paddle thingie you know, like one of those spoons you put over your eye at the optometrist s that you wave over photographic paper to cast a shadow and thereby lighten the exposure. Thank golly we no longer have to wave little paddle thingies in our modern age. Burn: The burn tool lets you darken a portion of an image by dragging over it. The effect is similar to burning a film negative, which you apparently do by holding your hand in a kind of O shape in an effort to focus the light, kind of like frying a worker ant using a magnifying glass (except not quite so smelly). At least, that s what they tell me. Sadly, I ve never had the pleasure of trying it.
Whole-body glucose uptake (mmol/kg/min)
Part I: Introduction to Databases and Database Design
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