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Many but not all PC cases are sold with power supplies already installed. The power supply is a key PC component because it converts alternating current from the wall socket into direct current (using a transformer) and also delivers various voltage levels to PC devices (common voltage levels inside PCs include 3.3 V, 5 V, and 12 V, among others). A power supply must be able to provide sufficient power to handle all devices at peak load. Each device on a PC is rated in terms of peak wattage. What s most desirable is that the sum of all device peaks be less than the peak wattage rating for the power supply. What s absolutely mandatory for the PC to work properly is that the sum of all device peaks be no more than the peak wattage rating for the power supply. On the PC depicted in Figures 1-1 and 1-2, total peak wattage for all devices is about 180 watts, or 40 percent lower than the peak wattage for the power supply. That s a comfortable and workable margin and leaves room to add one or two more devices without cause for concern. When a system vendor or aftermarket system builder puts a PC together, they ll routinely create a power budget for all of the devices that the unit includes (and if there are empty bays or unused interface card or memory sockets, devices that the unit could include as well). That s how they make sure the power supply is adequate for the PC they sell. If you build your own PC, this kind of planning becomes your responsibility. That said, you ll find plenty of information in this book to help you plan adequately and to help you stay within your power budget through add-ons and upgrades.
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Managing Complexity in Finite Element Applications
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A T-1 (trunk level 1) line gives you a secure and direct voice and data connection to another office location or an ISP. A T-1 line consists of 24 individual digital channels, each delivering 64 Kbps for a total of 1.544 Mbps in bandwidth. Each 64 Kbps channel can be configured to support voice or data. Some ISPs are connected to the Internet via T-1 lines. The four most common uses of a T-1 line are as follows:
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10 Editing Your Drawing with Advanced Tools
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Part IV: Managing and Maintaining the Network
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Mean Standard Deviation of the Mean Variance Standard Deviation of the Variance Standard Deviation Mean Standard Deviation of the Mean Variance Standard Deviation of the Variance Standard Deviation
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Working with Directory Objects
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Some offices keep track of thousands of drawings. You must not only track your drawings names and other properties, but also make sure that you don t lose them! Archiving and finding drawings are important procedures in any CAD environment.
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The ARRAY command creates a rectangular or polar (circular) pattern by copying the object(s) you select as many times as you specify. The ARRAY command is a powerful drawing tool. It can quickly create large numbers of objects, thus saving a huge amount of time and effort.
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Return Loss (dB)
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Release RRC connection
All equipment for which calibration is applicable must be periodically calibrated. Periodicity of calibration must take into account the type of the equipment, risk assessment, and previous results. An extremely short calibration periodicity becomes extremely expensive, whereas an extremely long calibration periodicity could result in poor veri cation results. Poor veri cation results mean that the results generated are wrong and therefore all results obtained since the previous calibration must be reviewed. In conclusion, adequate evaluation of the calibration periodicity is essential. All equipment must be well identi ed with name and code and must have a single operation instruction. A good operation instruction must contain at least the following points: (i) equipment description, containing the function of the equipment, name, code, serial number, model, manufacturer, accessories, dimensions, power source, connections, and component descriptions; (ii) function, containing a description of a procedure of how to handle the equipment, and all the steps required and options; (iii) calibration procedure, described in detail and providing the calibration periodicity; (iv) maintenance, a simple and easily maintenance procedures should be available; (v) cleaning described in detail; and (vi) security procedures. Equipment System Validation The GMP has special features regarding the equipment, setting several points for the validation, such as design quali cation, installation quali cation, operational quali cation, and performance quali cation. Each point must be given in a different document, so four documents must be generated for each equipment. Without any of these documents, the equipment cannot be considered adequate for GMP purposes. GMPs do not refer equipment validations; nonetheless, they refer these four items, and therefore, equipment can only be considered validated after the approval of these four documents. Equipment validation is not reliable, and several special features are required instead. GMP is concerned with several procedures before the equipment is placed into the service. After entrance into service, maintenance and calibration must be made periodically. The following focuses on the procedures required for new equipment to enter into service. Design Quali cation When a pharmaceutical industry intends to purchase new equipment, it must rst know and de ne what type of equipment and which speci cations it must have. Speci cations must be set taking into account speci c requirements of the company or facility. All the speci cations of the equipment must be reviewed. This is called design quali cation. The requirements of the equipment must be de ned in a speci c document previous to the purchase by any pharmaceutical company. The document generated is used to justify the equipment selection from the various proposals. Installation Quali cation After equipment selection, it is necessary to assure that the equipment is installed well. The IQ document describes and validates the procedure of the equipment installation. It establishes con dence that the process equipment and ancillary systems are capable of consistently operating within established limits and tolerances [10]. The equipment manufacturer and pharmaceutical company must agree and check the IQ, which must be approved by the pharmaceutical company at the end. This document certi es that equipment was installed as speci ed by the manufacturer and the purchaser.
A Hybrid and Flexible Data Partitioner for Parallel SAMR
If your site is large and information-packed, adding search capability to your site can be a great help to your visitors. A search engine enables people to find occurrences of a specific word rather than having to guess by document title, or section or link title. A search engine isn t a substitute for good navigation, but it takes the job of listing all of your content off your shoulders. Programming a search engine is a major job and can be a major expense. Fortunately, you don t have to program one. When this topic comes up on the various e-mail lists, a few such search engines are recommended time and time again. As each one is bound to change the services it offers to meet customer demand (at Internet speed), I won t try to list their services. Instead, I encourage you to check each of them out and ask around. One search engine stands out among the rest, due to its amazing integration with GoLive. As soon as the GoLive 5 SDK (see Appendix E) hit the streets, the folks at had a custom-made tool for adding its free search tool to your site and all it takes on your part is choosing Special Insert Search. (You can drag the search form from the tab of the Objects palette if you prefer instead; it s just as easy and provides the same choice of basic or advanced search.) To learn about, sign up for, and download the custom GoLive site search tool, visit Although not integrated with GoLive, two other free search engines are Whatuseek ( and Free Find ( Google (www. is also recommended by some.
17: Automation and Timed Execution
Throughput computation Throughput relates only to the correctly received bits during a pre-de ned measurement period (observation time), denoted by S in the following, where RLC bu ers are not empty. In the literature the metric is presented as active session throughput or circuitswitched equivalent bit rate , which is an essential indicator for assessing QoE and how spectral-e cient the provisioned QoS is [8]. In the RNC, accurate measurements are only possible in the downlink direction, since the exact status of uplink bu ers is known only at the UE. (Throughput measurements in the uplink may be made as described for the downlink direction by considering the correctly received RLC blocks instead of the transmitted ones by the corresponding protocol entities.) Let B m;k be the number of delivered RLC blocks (PDUs without retransmissions in i the case of AM RLC) by RLC entity i, where m denotes the particular subset of QoS attributes upon which counters are classi ed and k the related PDU size. Let di be the related transmission duration during the sampling period s, in number of transmission time intervals (TTIs). Throughput for a particular m in a cell of the WCDMA network (SAP 6 in Figure 4.6) can be calculated as:
Figure 14-10: Internet Explorer gives you the ability to delete Temporary Internet files and cookies.
2 columns of the effective channel matrix Hi,,ff
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