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9 A con nement regime in a tokamak in which the con nement time is low, named after discovery of the H-mode (high mode) of operation. 10 High
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MP3 is a standard pretty much across the board, particularly for a streaming standard. No other format except WAV files makes sense on Windows-based devices. The advantage of WAV files is that that format is lossless and you can at a later date convert WAV to other emerging formats. With MP3 an 802.11b wireless device is sufficient; when you are streaming WAV files you should opt for a faster standard such as the 802.11g DSM-320 server. For a dedicated PC music server that isn t streaming wirelessly, you can use any format that your player supports, and all of them support a very wide array of formats (with the exception of the native formats of their competitors players). Once you have decided on your music format and have a music folder or library in place, the next step to creating a wireless music library is to create a network share that can be accessed from your streaming wireless receiver or PCTV setup. To share the folder in Windows, do the following: 1. Right-click the folder and select Sharing and Security to display the Sharing tab of the folder s Properties dialog box (see Figure 14-10). If you are using XP Home, you may need to turn sharing on for your system if you haven t done so already. XP Home sets up some default shared folders.
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In ATM s case, each cell size is 53 bytes. Ethernet and frame relay use variablelength message units. Ethernet packets can range from 64 bytes to more than 1,500 bytes about 30 times larger than ATM cells. ATM s small and fixed-size cells provide a few outstanding advantages:
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Part IV Using GoLive s Advanced Tools
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If you re new to Photoshop, half of these steps, if not all of them, probably sailed over your head like so many low-flying cats stuck in bags. If you want to learn more about selections and cloning, see 8. In 9, I explore the quick mask mode and other masking techniques. After you finish reading those chapters, return to this section to see if it doesn t make a little more sense. Or don t. It s entirely up to you. The process of editing individual frames as just described is sometimes called rotoscoping, named after the traditional technique of combining live-action film with animated sequences. You also can try out some scratch-and-doodle techniques, which is where an artist scratches and draws directly on frames of film. If this isn t enough, you can emulate xerography, in which an animator makes Xerox copies of photographs, enhances the copies using markers or whatever else is convenient, and shoots the finished artwork, frame by frame, on film. In a nutshell, Photoshop extends Premiere s functionality by adding animation to its standard supply of video-editing capabilities. You can save an image in the Filmstrip format through the Save dialog box. But remember, you can save in this format only if you opened the image as a Filmstrip document and did not change the size of the image.
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Don t be afraid to experiment. You can easily delete added pages if you re not happy with the results. Simply select the page you don t want by clicking it, and then click the Trash icon in the toolbar.
The short Miscellaneous section contains just one directive, expose_php. If set to On then it is possible for site visitors to tell that a Web server runs PHP by looking in the HTTP headers. Set this directive to Off if you want to hide this fact.
Once you ve established your security routine, set up your reminders, and automated whatever you can, the important thing is to stick to it. Once you start to let things slide, you re creating unwanted potential for bad things to happen to your computer. Sure, you can dismiss those reminders when they pop up without actually doing the work involved to take care of them, but think about who suffers when things go wrong yes, I m talking about you. If you want to keep your system safe and secure, it s not enough just to set things up and go through the motions once or twice. It s something you have to approach with sincerity, if not enthusiasm, and with commitment, if not with curiosity and a real desire to learn and grow. This may seem like a horrible chore sometimes, especially when you re busy with other parts of your life. But if you slog through the routine come heck or high water, you ll be rewarded with a system that keeps on chugging and with greatly diminished chances of having to clean up from major downtime resulting from infection or infestation. If the idea that prevention is better than cure doesn t sway you to my way of thinking, look at it this way: It s better to suffer a little bit at a time, on a regular, predictable schedule than it is to suffer hugely and occasionally on an irregular, unpredictable schedule that can turn your whole life upside-down. But hey, it s entirely up to you what you do with your routine. If you re serious about wanting to be safe and secure, it will become just a part of what you do (like buying insurance and paying taxes) to protect yourself from being overrun by the whims of fate, or by vandals and other barbarians.
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Figure 9-5: The electrical schematic.
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