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They help simplify fabric management by using the same configuration copy for both switches. They are used for I/O transfer if two links fail one from one server to a switch, and the other from the other switch to storage arrays. In that case, the ISL must be used for I/O. The Xs in Figure 23-2 illustrate such path failures that necessitate ISL usage for data transfer. Server A can still communicate with the storage devices by using ISLs to go from Switch 2 to Switch 1, and then to the storage devices.
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E: has the most free space, so I set it as the First scratch disk. On the off chance that my images get so huge that Photoshop fills up E: and has to look elsewhere for scratch space, I select D: from the Second pop-up menu and my main system drive, C:, from the Third. That s the end of my drives, so Fourth remains set to None.
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Figure 11.10. Flame heat ux transferred back to the polymer surface in combustion of vertical slabs of polymethylmethacrylate. Data are taken from Refs. [58 61].
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If you like, you can include a transparency mask with each gradation. The mask determines the opacity of different colors along the gradation. You create and edit this mask independently of the colors in the gradation.
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In the frequency domain I ( ) = g(V0 ) V ( ) + C (1) (V0 ) j V ( ) + C (2) (V0 ) (j )2 V ( ) + C (3) (V0 ) (j )3 V ( ) + (3.94)
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Nanotechnology is currently focused at the molecular level; hence, one is able to zoom out one layer from the subatomic particles listed in Table 2.1. However, to understand molecules one needs to understand the atomic structure, particularly the structure of the set of electrons that comprise the atom. The number of electrons in a stable atom is equal to the number of protons; therefore, the overall electrical charge in an atom is zero. All atoms of an element have the same number of protons in the nucleus. It follows that since the net charge on an atom is zero, all atoms of an element must have an equal number of electrons. Although the number of neutrons
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the ranked causes. Figure 2 gives an example of a Pareto chart which exhibits errors found in a pharmacy store chain in one month. Histogram A histogram is a graphic summary of variation in a set of data. Data are clustered into categories and the values of individual clusters are plotted to give a series of bars. For illustration, Table 2 presents 40 observations on the shelf life of a certain drug and their frequency distribution. Figure 3 gives a histogram for the drug shelf life data. Scatter Diagram A scatter diagram is a basic tool to identify the potential relationship between two variables. Scatter diagrams are similar to line graphs in that they use horizontal and vertical axes to plot data points. However, they have a very speci c purpose. Scatter diagrams show how much one variable is affected by another. The relationship between two variables is called their correlation. The
FIGURE 8.23. Geometry of the caustic.
The Kronecker delta function has a width approaching zero. Discrete Fourier transform is the term used in this book for the spectra from lists of equally spaced time samples, namely using the f convention F k 1 N
Figure 31-1: The seeingdouble linetype. If you feel quite confident, you can even create linetypes on the fly, using the command-line form of the LINETYPE command. Type -linetype and use the Create option. Follow the prompts and type the linetype definition on the command line. If you make a mistake, you must open the linetype file in a text editor to make your corrections.
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An album viewer is a user viewing photos. This person does not necessarily have an account with PIX. Album viewers who are also PixUsers can also add comments to photos even those that don t belong to them. Album viewers wishing to leave comments must first register with PIX, thus becoming PixUsers. Figure 2-3 shows these interactions. An album viewer who does not register with PIX can view photos and albums but may not leave comments and/or upload photos.
It is important to realize that (i) the linear increase in SNR does not necessarily transfer into a linear data rate increase due to the diminishing return in achiveable data rate; and (ii) RX beamforming also provides an increase in diversity order to M which is important in fading channels, Transmit beamforming can be carried out in a similar fashion. Consider the case with M transmitters and 1 receiver, the TX beamformer weights the signal s ( t ) with an M x l vector before delivering them over the M transmitters:
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