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prompt, choose an appropriate location above the bottom-most dimension. 5. Choose Dimension Style from the Dimension toolbar. Choose Override and click the Tolerances tab. Change the Tolerance Method to None. Click the Lines tab. In the Extension Lines section, check the Suppress: Ext Line 1 option to suppress the first extension line. Click OK. In the Dimension Style Manager, click Close. 6. Choose Linear from the Dimension toolbar. At the Specify first extension line origin or <select object>: prompt, choose the intersection at 2 in Figure 15-34. At the Specify second extension line origin: prompt, choose the intersection at 3. At the Specify dimension line location or [Mtext/Text/Angle/Horizontal/ Vertical/Rotated]: prompt, pick the endpoint object snap at the right side of the previous dimension s dimension line in order to align the two dimensions. 7. The first dimension (the one you created in Step 4) needs to be updated to remove the tolerance. Choose Dimension Update from the Dimension toolbar. At the Select objects: prompt, choose the first dimension. Right-click to end object selection to update the dimension. 8. To list the overrides, choose Dimension Style from the Dimension toolbar. Choose Compare. In the Compare Dimension Styles dialog box, <style overrides> should be displayed in the Compare drop-down list, and LIN should be displayed in the With drop-down list. You see a list of the overrides, which are the only differences between the two. Click Close.
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Figure 6-48: Selecting the Compression menu option from the pull-down menu or clicking the Next button opens the next dialog box where compression choices are made.
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FIGURE 4 Sample training mission statement.
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cable or a straight-through cable because there is no crossover from receive to transmit circuits.
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When you snap to a grid, an invisible grid becomes active (which you can make visible using the GRID command, discussed in the next section). As soon as you turn on snap, the mouse cursor can move only to the snap grid points. To set the snap size, choose Tools Drafting Settings or right-click the SNAP button on the status bar and choose Settings. The Drafting Settings dialog box opens, as shown in Figure 4-18. (If necessary, click the Snap and Grid tab.) In the Snap X Spacing text box of the Snap section, type the spacing you want between snap points. Make sure that Grid snap and Rectangular snap are checked in the Snap type & style section of the dialog box. Click OK.
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Figure 5.2 shows the evolution of a Universe containing matter and radiation, with the radiation initially dominating. Eventually the matter comes to dominate, and as it does so the expansion rate speeds up from a(t) ex t 1/ 2 to the a(t) ex t 2 / 3 law. It is very possible that this is the situation which applies in our present Universe, as we'll see in II.
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