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20.4.4 Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD) Computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) research started in the early 1980s and has gradually evolved as a clinically supported tool. In mammography, CAD has in fact become a part of the routine clinical operation for detection of breast cancers in many medical centers and screening sites in the United States. Various CAD schemes are being developed for detection and classi cation of many different kinds of lesions obtained with the use of various imaging modalities. The concept of CAD is broad and general as a tool in assisting radiologists by providing the computer output as a second opinion. The usefulness and practicality of CAD, however, depend on many factors, including the availability of digital image data to train the CAD algorithm, computer power, and high-quality display and image-archiving systems. Therefore CAD needs to be integrated into a part of HIS/RIS/PACS in order to obtain suf cient data for CAD knowledge base development. Image-based knowledge discovery and decision support by use of CAD are a new trend in research that translates CAD diagnostic results to assist in short- and long-term treatments. Integration of CAD with HIS/RIS/PACS would take advantage of the image resources in PACS and enhance the value of CAD. Because of this, CAD applications have emerged into mainstream image-aided clinical practice in imaging informatics. The concept and methods of CAD will be discussed in detail in 25, its clinical applications and integration to PACS in 26. 20.4.5 Image-Intensive Radiation Therapy Planning and Treatment Comprehensive clinical image data and relevant information is crucial in the imageintensive radiation therapy (RT) for the planning and treatment of cancer. Multiple stand-alone systems utilizing technological advancements in imaging, therapeutic radiation, and computer treatment planning systems acquire key data during the RT treatment course of a patient. Currently the data are scattered in various RT systems
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179. Ethernet uses what are known as frames for ow control within Ethernet LANs. (Section 11.4) 180. Explain the following. (Section 11.5) Source route bridging Transparent bridging 181. True or false: A bridge is a device that operates much like a repeater or a hub, but it makes data forwarding decisions that bridge traf c from one network segment to another. (Section 11.5) 182. True or false: When a bridge receives a frame that is destined for a multicast address, the bridge will forward the frame to all of the ports, including the port on which it is received. (Section 11.5)
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The interface has the typical Stop, Play, FFWD, RWD, Record, and Play buttons, much like a standard cassette deck. The important section to pay attention to is the project rate at the bottomleft portion of the screen. The project rate is the same as the sample rate that you chose in the Preferences setting. You can easily change your default sample rate prior to making a recording. Near the center of the screen, you will see a microphone with a slide bar above it. Adjusting this setting will make a corresponding change to the device selected in Figure 8-5. This is a time-saver in that you can make changes to input levels on the fly.
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Table 13.39 lists the parameters.
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TABLE 4.11
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4. Which network topology allows for orderly network access for the stations connected to that network 5. What two standards de ne a CSMA/CD network
Parallel Computing Engines for Subsurface Imaging Technologies
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