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There are various strategies for troubleshooting issues in a LAN. The strategy discussed in this section provides a systematic approach to troubleshooting. There are variations to this troubleshooting model, but they are all geared to work toward the ultimate goal of resolving network issues in a timely manner. Following is an example of a logical model that you can follow to troubleshoot network issues: 1. De ne the problem. 2. Consider the possibilities.
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7 Anti-Spyware and Anti-Adware Programs . . . . . . . . 141
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Table 7.3 Service PoC
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2. At the Specify first corner point for base of pyramid: prompt, specify the first point (any point) on the base. 3. At the Specify second corner point for base of pyramid: prompt, specify the second point on the base. 4. At the Specify third corner point for base of pyramid: prompt, specify the third point on the base. 5. At the Specify fourth corner point for base of pyramid or [Tetrahedron]: prompt, specify the fourth point on the base or choose the Tetrahedron option (creates a pyramid with a base of three points).
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This source code tells the browser to display an image called image.gif that resides in a directory called images. The image is 50 pixels square and is called My Image in the alternative text. (See the sidebar, The Importance of ALT Tags, later in this chapter.) When a browser is pointed to a Web-page URL, it downloads the page source code, which is made up of page and text formatting, interactive scripts, text, all links, and so on. If the page contains image links, each image is downloaded as well. (Next time you are waiting for a page to download look at the bottom-left status bar of your browser to see the page components as they are requested and downloaded one by one.) Once an image downloads to a user s computer, it is stored in the browser cache and you can use it again without causing another download from the Web server.
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PC Magazine Guide to Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
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Identz2ing castonzers - if you can clearly identify the psychographic profile of potential customers (the combination of psychological and demographic factors that will drive them to buy), this information needs to drive the look, feel and culture of the site. For example, a web site selling outdoor sporting goods will probably need a wholly different feel to one t h a t is
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Visual LISP responds with the entity name. As soon as you receive the entity name, you can use ENTGET to retrieve the object property list of the line entity name. The following code fragment places the property list value in the variable LinePropertyList. If you type the following in the Console and press Enter, Visual LISP responds with the property list:
Part V Organizing and Managing Drawings
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This view has a couple of unique qualities that pertain directly to SWF. Notice the elements of type input in the last table row. To make it easier to view these, they are also listed here:
(b) Use the expressions derived under (a) for the computation of the maximum likelihood
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