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Figure 2.2. Radial dependence of basis functions: (a) correct exponential decay (STO); (b) primitive Gaussian-type function (solid line) vs. an STO (dotted line); (c) least-squares expansion of the STO in terms of three Gaussian-type orbitals (STO-3G).
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11: Rapid Spring Development with Spring IDE
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he optical drive has become a basic ingredient in personal computers. Without at least a CD-ROM drive, it s almost impossible to install basic items like the operating software and any programs you want to use. The vast majority of computers come not just with a CD-ROM drive, but a CD-RW (read and write) drive, often one that can also access DVDs. For the more advanced users reading this book, DVD/CD-RW devices are not unfamiliar, either. In an HTPC, a DVD drive of some kind is an absolute necessity. You must be able to play DVD movies at the very least. You may also want to make DVD copies of home movies, programs recorded from TV, or backups of material that is already on DVD. Use in an HTPC also requires some attention to optical drive noise (where we seek to recommend the quietest possible drives in keeping with our design philosophy). Although there is often little to differentiate DVD burners from one another on the basis of features and functions, attention to size (slimline designs are essential or desirable in smaller cases) and noise output can have a big impact when selecting an HTPC optical drive. Bundling issues can also sometimes come into play: many of the more expensive DVD burners include DVD recording and editing software, whereas some of the cheapest such offerings omit everything except basic software including the decoder software so necessary to enable DVD players to play back DVD video inside the Windows MCE 2005 environment. This chapter walks you through the various and sundry functions of CD and DVD optical drives, the media choices, and some of the software that s available for use with optical drives. It also explores what kinds of items are bundled with various drives, to help you understand related value adds.
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Once you ve assessed your need for additional access points, the next question is where they should be placed. The two considerations are improving range and improving throughput. You can improve your range by locating additional access points in dead spots in your location, places where signal strength is negligible. To improve throughput you ll want to have access points overlap, but keep in mind that there will be contention among wireless signals. If a laptop can detect two or more different signals, it will connect to the strongest access point to get the fastest throughput.
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Diagnostic image and demographic info presented to radiologist
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24 Creating Solids and Editing in 3D
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Part II Creating PDF Documents
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This table s UPC eld is its primary key. The Description, SellPrice, QuantityInStock, StockLocation, and ShelfLocation elds are also required. Sanity checks include: If present, BuyPrice > = $0.00. SellPrice > = $0.00. QuantityInStock > = 0. If present, ExpirationDate > January 1, 2008 (or some other date guaranteed to be earlier than the oldest expiration date in current inventory when you build the database). On new records, if present, ExpirationDate > the current date. If present, ReorderWhen > 0. (If null, reorder only occurs manually.) If present, ReorderAmount > = 0. (If null, someone must specify the amount.)
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You can also change text using the Properties palette. Select any text object and click Properties on the Standard toolbar to open the Properties palette. Here you can edit the text content as well as every other conceivable property, including layer, linetype, lineweight, color, insertion point, justification, rotation angle, and several other properties that I cover in the next section on text styles.
Optimizing JPEG and GIF Images GIF optimization settings . JPEG optimization settings The Optimization menu . . The Preview menu . . . . . Output settings . . . . . . . Saving PNG Images . . . . . . . . Slicing Images . . . . . . . . . . . Creating slices . . . . . . . . Editing slices . . . . . . . . Setting slice options . . . . Saving slices . . . . . . . . . Doing More in ImageReady . . . . Creating an image map . . . JavaScript rollovers. . . . . Creating Web animations . Animations and rollovers .
This rule could be implemented in the user interface or in middle-tier code that fetches and updates course data.
Configuring the ICS Host . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Providing Internet Connectivity to the Ad Hoc WLAN . . . . . . . . . . . 49
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