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23: Proxy Server Solutions
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However, if you took reasonable care when handling and using the product, then most vendors or manufacturers will honor the warranty unless you deliberately tampered with the item or misused it. 5. What if I bought the wrong item In the event that you bought the wrong product, most vendors will be happy to help, although some might ask you to pay a restocking fee for the extra workload and inconvenience. For mail order products, you will be expected to cover both the costs of returning the wrong item and delivery costs of the replacement item. 6. Do I need to keep a receipt As a rule, yes, although many online vendors will accept an order number as proof of purchase. Most manufacturers will require proof of purchase if you go to them for help. 7. Do I have to have filled in and returned a warranty card in order to get any technical assistance No. 8. Doesn t a vendor have to give me a one-year warranty No. A 12-month warranty is usually offered by the manufacturer, although many good vendors will assist you in the event you have a problem within the first few weeks. 9. Are the extended warranties offered by stores any good As a rule, no. The cost is high and the service offered is generally poor. 10. Can warranties last longer than 12 months Indeed they can. For example, the exchange period of a hard drive can last for many years. In the case of a dead hard drive, it s always a good idea to check with the manufacturer s website to see if the product is covered under an exchange warranty. 11. I don t have a sales receipt! What can I do Don t give up! There s still hope! Many stores keep a copy of the sales receipt and will be able to check their own records if you can remember the date you bought the product. If you ordered via the Internet, check your email, because you should have a confirmation email of your order. Another benefit of online ordering is that many online vendors keep your order history you could always print out the appropriate page and present that as proof of purchase. With some products (hard drives being a good example), you don t need any proof of purchase. The drive will have on it the manufacturing date, and the makers will offer a fixed warranty period on drives. 12. If my hard drive breaks, will the maker recover my data No. Always, always, always make backups of your data.
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STEPS: Creating and Using a Script File
Web Servers
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