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The first rule for guaranteeing high application availability is to avoid manual intervention. It must be possible to start, stop, and monitor the application without assistance from an operator. If an application cannot run on a server, it must quickly start on another server in the cluster. If starting an application requires a GUI interface or executing an interactive script, it may take hours to get someone to log in to the system and do the necessary work. If the system cannot be remotely accessed, someone must physically get to the office or data center. The hardware may be in a far-away site, in which case it may be difficult to find someone with required application expertise quickly. The procedures for starting up and stopping any clustered application must be well defined and fully automated. The procedures must also be based on commands that can be easily scripted. The script must not require user intervention to complete successfully. Network monitoring software must be able to use the scripts to start or stop an application automatically upon detecting conditions such as finding certain predetermined entries in log files. The application must have a robust monitoring script that determines if it is running on a node or not. The script must invoke itself every so often (for example, every minute) to verify that the application is active and running as normal. The monitoring script could be as simple as running a ps ef command on UNIX servers to check for application-related processes or running certain monitoring scripts included with the application software. If a clustered application is not running on a cluster node, it must determine the nature and cause of failure and try to recover from it on the same host. Restarting an application on the same host reduces the disruption in service experienced by clients.
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Part III: Using PHP in Practice
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Coal mill
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Figure 15-23: As a result of changing the overall scale, you can finally see the dimension.
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To be successful online requires a clear, unambiguous focus o n customers, and in particular an approach that aims to improve perceived value in the customer-supplier relationship. Companies must establish seamlcss rclationships with consumers o r business customers that- cover the whole of their business activities. Over the last five years, companies have developed a range of Internet practices that can have an impact at each phase of the value chain: from improving customers buying process and decisions, to enhancing the quality of customer service and to rewarding and retaining loyal customers. Techniques for achieving these aims - and driving profits - are detailed below for each phase of customer acquisition, service and retention.
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Dual Polarised Elements
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Here is code that uses each of these types:
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Depending on how you deleted a file, you can either restore it fully, partially, or not at all. If you dragged your file to the site trash, dragging it back into the site s structure restores the file and its links fully. If you used the Trash button, dragging the file back into the site structure restores it partially but loses track of some files. If, prior to using the Trash button to delete a file, you set the file removal preference to move your files directly to the computer s trash, your files are definitely no longer tracked and may no longer be on your hard drive.
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private static final String USER_BY_NAME_SQL = SELECT * FROM PIXUSER WHERE USERNAME= ; public void insertAlbum(Album album) { // Get JDBC Template JdbcTemplate jt = getJdbcTemplate(); Object[] userParameters = new Object[] { album.getUser().getUserName(), album.getUser().getFirstName(), album.getUser().getLastName(), album.getUser().getEmail(), album.getUser().getPassword() }; jt.update(INSERT_PIXUSER_SQL, userParameters); System.out.println( Persisting User ); System.out.println( User = + album.getName()); // Get the Next Value of Album Id using Spring s // DataFieldMaxValueIncrementer Integer albumId = albumIdIncrementor.nextIntValue(); // Set Parameters Object[] movieParameters = new Object[] { new Long(albumId), ALBUM_TYPE_HOLIDAY, album.getName(), album.getDescription(), album.getUser().getUserName() }; jt.update(INSERT_ALBUM_SQL, movieParameters); album.setId(albumId); System.out.println( Persisting Album ); System.out.println( Album id generated = + album.getId()); int count = album.getPictures().size(); // Insert picture information. for (int i = 0; i < count; i++) { Integer pictureId = pictureIdIncrementor.nextIntValue(); Object[] pictureParameters = new Object[] { new Long(pictureId), album.getPictures().get(i).getName(), album.getPictures().get(i).getSize() }; jt.update(INSERT_PICTURE_SQL, pictureParameters); album.getPictures().get(i).setId(pictureId); System.out.println( Picture id generated = + album.getPictures().get(i).getId()); // Associate album and picture id. Object[] albumPictureId = new Object[] { album.getId(), album.getPictures().get(i).getId() }; jt.update(INSERT_ALBUM_PICTURE_SQL, albumPictureId); System.out.println( Linking album and picture ); }
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Shop Floor Data Collection
Just as the dialog box has properties, each control on the dialog box has properties. When a control such as a command button is selected, you see its properties in the Properties window. You generally would change at least the caption and the name of a command button. It s a good idea to change the names to something meaningful, rather than using the default name. For example, instead of CommandButton1, use a name such as cmdDrawBox or cmdOk.
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STEPS: Mirroring in 3D
Figure 13-21: When you choose Caption, the caption area appears at the top of your table; you can choose to place the table s caption below the table instead.
14 Neutrons
The result was a thickly modeled image with no moir s but little detail. To firm things up a bit, I chose Filter Sharpen Unsharp Mask and entered 200 percent for the Amount option and 1.5 for the Radius. I opted for this Radius value because it matches the Radius that I used to blur the image. When correcting moir s, a Threshold value of 0 is almost always the best choice. A higher Threshold value not only prevents the sharpening of moir pattern edges but also ignores real edges, which are already fragile enough as it is. The green and red channels required incrementally less attention. After switching to the green channel, I applied the Gaussian Blur filter with a Radius of 1.0. Then I sharpened the image with the Unsharp Mask filter set to 200 percent and a Radius value of 0.5. In the red channel (Ctrl+1), I applied Gaussian Blur with a Radius value of 0.5. The gradual effect wasn t enough to warrant sharpening. When you re finished, switch back to the RGB view (Ctrl+0) to see the combined result of your labors. (Or keep an RGB view of the image up on screen by choosing Window New Window.) The focus of the image will undoubtedly be softer than it was when you started. You can cure this to a limited extent by applying very discreet passes of the Unsharp Mask filter, say, with an Amount value of 100 percent and a low Radius value. Keep in mind that oversharpening may bring the patterns back to life or even uncover new ones.
Meystel I/G A, C
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