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Save the following script as registration_multistep.php in your document root folder and run the script in your Web browser. Try filling in some field values and using the Back and Next buttons to jump between the three steps. Notice how the field values are preserved when you return to a previously completed step. Figure 9-8 shows the first step of the form, and Figure 9-9 shows the second step. To keep things simple, this script doesn t validate any form fields in the way that registration.php does. However, you could easily use the same techniques used in registration.php to validate each step of the form as it is submitted.
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Comparing with Eq. (13.57), it is equivalent to changing y to y p=4. Accordingly, it is called the 45 astigmatism or astigmatism at 45 . The secondary Zernike astigmatism given by a12 Z12 r; y p 4 10 4r 3r2 cos 2y
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Figure 15-9: A circle with a centerline and an arc with a center mark. The Radius Dimension Jog section lets you specify the angle used when you create a jogged dimension for circles or arcs with large radii. A jogged dimension is a small dimension that doesn t reach to the center of the circle or arc. For more information on jogged dimensions, see Creating radial dimensions in 14.
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shareholders and financial backers, customers and suppliers) understand what is happening, what the advantages are and what it means for them. Without this explanation rumours and concerns can arise, and organisations can leave themselves open to charges of being distracted or delaying in non-core activities.
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Table of values for Chebyshev tapering with 10 elements Sidelobe level, dB 30.0 35.0 0.65 3.78 0.49 3.06 0.85 0.72 1.18 1.14 29.97 0.00 0.77 2.31 0.71 3.03 0.60 4.37 0.46 3.39 0.80 0.98 1.25 1.20 34.99 0.00 0.79 2.06 0.71 3.03
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Photoshop s indent options work the same as their counterparts in just about every program on the planet. But just to cover all bases, here s the drill: Enter values in the top two option boxes to indent the entire paragraph from the left edge or right edge of the box. To indent the first line of the paragraph only, enter a value into the first-line indent option box, which sits all alone on the second row of option boxes. Enter a positive value to shove the first line to the right; enter a negative value to push it leftward, so that it extends beyond the left edge of the other lines in the paragraph. Use the bottom option boxes to increase the space before a paragraph (left box) and after a paragraph (right box).
As a part of describing the messages used during a Web service method invocation, the WSDL contains the detailed definition of all the allowed messages. XML Schema is used in WSDL for the definition of these message formats. The rich XML Schema syntax provides a means for defining the structure, content, and semantics for XML information. (See Wrox s Professional Java XML, ISBN 186100401X, if you want to learn more about XML Schema).
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