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Include Data Matrix in Java 10: Web Service Consumer and Interoperation with .NET

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2. Click the Perform additional tasks link that appears in Figure 12-6 and then click the Browse this CD button (this produces the display shown in Figure 12-7).
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assumption in practice, and it is important in designing perfectly matched layers (PMLs) in the nite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method, as will be seen later. We may de ne electrical conductivity [units of amperes per volt-meter [A/(V m)] or mhos/meter], and magnetic conductivity [units of volts per ampere-meter [V/(A m)] or ohms/meter]. In this case (12.38) and (12.39) take on the more general forms. H H , (12.67) E = t H = E + E. t (12.68)
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Swapping images with the Set Image URL Action
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The thermal NLC mirror (the NLC layer on the mirror) with the optimized temperature was used to improve the beam quality in double-pass and four-pass Nd:YAG ampli ers at pulse duration 0.6 1.0 ms and repetition rate 10 20 Hz [25, 35]. The phase conjugation by near-forward SRS by the NLC mirror had the following advantages: small threshold of the pumping beam power (5 6 orders less than for backward SBS) and the possibility of using broadband radiation with high average power. The SPPC NLC mirror provided partial compensation of thermally induced aberrations in the laser ampli er and improvement of the beam quality after four passes through the Nd:YAG laser rod. The total ampli cation coef cient for the beam power of about 400 was achieved at the repetition rate of 10 20 Hz. The limit of uence of the pumping beam due to overheating of the NLC layer during a laser
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PACS and Imaging Informatics, Second Edition, by H. K. Huang Copyright 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 63
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with y = (a2 P2); > 0, cp = -UT - arcsin(P/y), and $ = (7 w P ) ~ .
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In most cases, collapsing a palette hides all options and leaves only the tabs visible. But in the case of the Color and Layers palettes, clicking the collapse button leaves a sliver of palette options intact, as demonstrated in the middle example of Figure 2-7. To eliminate all options as in the last example Alt-click the collapse button. You can also double-click one of the tabs or in the empty area to the right of the tabs. These tricks work even if you ve enlarged the palette by dragging the size box.
FIGURE 3.1. Burch interferometer testing a lens with magni cation one, using two identical scatter plates.
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