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12 Working with Layers
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Photoshop maps it and all lighter colors to white. Use the gray eyedropper tool (middle) to change the color you clicked to medium gray and adjust all other colors in accordance. For example, if you click a light pixel, all light pixels change to medium gray and all other pixels change to even darker colors.
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CHAPTER 19 Evaluating ePhilanthropy Programs
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Part II PC Pieces and Parts
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Packet filtering Each incoming and outgoing packet is inspected against a set of requirements or rules. Packets that satisfy all the criteria are allowed to go through. All other packets are discarded. The criteria to allow or deny access are based on source and destination names or IP addresses, ports, and protocol (TCP, UDP, ICMP, SNMP, and so forth). Proxy service Firewalls often work as a proxy server. A proxy server is an application that acts as an intermediary between two end systems. Proxy servers operate at layer 7 (the application layer) of the OSI model and they are also, therefore, referred to as application-layer firewalls. A proxy service must be run on the firewall for each Internet application. You set up an HTTP proxy for Web services, an SMTP proxy for e-mail, and so on. A Web proxy server, for example, is used to retrieve Web pages from the Internet for internal requests. The internal machines are never allowed to go out to the Internet to get data. Similarly external users are never allowed to access the internal servers. The firewall intercepts each incoming request, gets the data from the internal server, and forwards it to the requestor. Proxy servers increase the efficiency of Internet access. They cache (locally store) all data that it has retrieved for requestors. Data is kept locally for a certain period of time (10 minutes, 2 hours, or any other period). Future requests for the same data, if found in the cache, are answered instantaneously from cache without contacting the remote server.
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Customers will come back t o your web site if they feel comfortable and believe it is relevant to their needs.
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You can only select either a date format or a time format with one stamp icon. You cannot select both.
Using the Favorites folder
regions, they should look naturally superimposed on the base grid and level 1 grids. (b) The Cores should contain as little unre ned area as possible. The expert algorithms should preferably operate exclusively on input they were designed for. (c) The natural regions should have low granularity in the sense that they should be de ned on a coarse (low-resolution) grid. Most expert algorithms for both kinds of natural regions most likely bene t from low granularity, since it implies fewer boxes with better aspect ratio. This criterion may contradict criterion (a) and (b). (d) There should be as few natural regions as possible. Expert algorithms may bene t from connected boxes. Considering block connectivity, the algorithms can make better choices for assigning blocks to processors. This criterion may contradict (a) and (b). (e) The boxes forming a natural region should be as few as possible and avoid bad aspect ratio. This strives to minimize the overhead involved with many boxes and boxes with bad aspect ratio. It may contradict criteria (a) and (b). Our implementation must also be general and ef cient. Generality is required to control behavior. Because partitioning time is extremely limited, our implementation needs to be ef cient. Considering all the criteria discussed above, our design comprises the following steps. Exactly how nature implements each step is also described. Note that boxes only on levels 0 and 1 are needed to de ne natural regions. All other levels are disregarded. Smoothing of Level 1 Boxes: This step strives to obtain the desired granularity and a smoother shaped structure of the level 1 boxes. Smoothing addresses all of the criteria (a) through (e), except (b). By forming simpler level 1 boxes (a) without violating other constraints such as (d) and (e) smoothing increases the chances for natural regions that depict the underlying re nement pattern. It reduces resolution at which to construct the natural regions (c). It helps in creating few natural regions (d). It helps in creating natural regions with few and good aspect ratio boxes since it simpli es the structure and reduces granularity (e). Nature implements an optional smoothing operation based on integer arithmetics for maximum speed. The level 1 boxes are aligned to visible points de ned by a stepsize. The lower bounds are moved downward to the nearest visible grid point, and the upper bounds upward to the nearest visible grid point. As a result, the regions are nonshrinking as resolution decreases. Consider a base grid (level 0) with stepsize = 8 and thus has its visible points at 8 n for n = 1, 2, 3.... Smoothing is achieved by scaling down, or coarsening, the base grid using the stepsize. A smoothing factor of 2 will force the grid patches on both levels (0 and 1) to be aligned to the visible grid points at 16 n. Merging of Level 1 Boxes: The purpose of the merging step is twofold. (1) To avoid small and badly shaped boxes by merging level 1 boxes close to each other (hence addressing criteria (c), (d), and (e)) and (2) merge level 1 boxes that overlap as a result of the smoothing. Nature s merging strategy 1 tests each box against all other boxes. Two boxes A and B are merged if intersect(grow(A, growing),grow(B, growing)), where the function grow grows its input box growing visible units in each dimension, and intersect is true if its box arguments intersect. Growing boxes too much will unnecessarily merge
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FIGURE 4.1. Schematic diagram illustrating lateral shearing interferometry in (a) collimated light and (b) convergent light.
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