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7.6 BROADBAND MICROSTRIP ANTENNAS WITH REDUCED CROSS-POLARIZATION RADIATION As shown in the designs of Section 7.3, operating frequencies over a wide impedance bandwidth usually have relatively large cross-polarization radiation, especially in the H-plane pattern. This characteristic is related to the problem that some of the unwanted higher order modes that contribute to the polarization impurity are excited [31]. To ease the problem, it has been suggested that, by adding an additional feed of equal amplitude and a 180 phase shift, the microstrip antenna can be excited with some of the unwanted modes suppressed, and improved polarization purity can be obtained. Based on this technique, a dual capacitively fed broadband microstrip antenna with reduced cross-polarization radiation has been demonstrated. Several prototypes of the proposed antenna were constructed and studied. The experimental results show that the cross-polarization levels in both the E- and H-plane patterns can greatly be improved by, respectively, about 5 10 and 12 15 dB compared to the singlecapacitive-feed design for operating frequencies over a bandwidth (1:1.5 VSWR) of about 7 8% suitable for practical applications in wireless communications systems. Figure 7.64 shows the geometry of a proposed dual, capacitively fed broadband microstrip patch antenna. The radiating patch has a rectangular shape of dimensions L W . The radiating rectangular patch is supported by plastic supports (not shown in the gure) above the ground plane of an inexpensive FR4 substrate (denoted the feed substrate). The distance between the radiating patch and the ground plane is h. The dual capacitive feeds have the same dimensions, and have a narrow conducting strip of length and width wc , which is oriented along the excitation direction of the antenna and supported at one end by a conducting post above the ground plane. The conducting strip has a spacing of g below the radiating patch, and the supporting post is a distance d from the centerline (y axis) of the patch. Input powers with equal amplitudes and a 180 phase shift for dual capacitive feeds are provided by a Wilkinson power divider having a half-guided-wavelength difference in length between its two output feed lines.
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multidimensional array data structures. The shape of a PAWS subdomain can be arbitrarily de ned by an application. Multidimensional arrays in PAWS can be generally partitioned and distributed completely. It uses a process as a central controller to link applications and parallel data structures in the applications. PAWS controller establishes a connection between those data structures using information in its registry. The controller organizes and registers each of the applications participating in the framework. Through the controller, component applications ( tasks ) register the data structures that should be shared with other components. Tasks are created and connections are established between registered data structures via the script interface of the controller. The controller provides for dynamic data connection and disconnection, so that applications can be launched independently of both one another and the controller. PAWS uses point-to-point transfers to move segments of data from one node to remote nodes directly and in parallel. PAWS uses Nexus to permit communication across heterogeneous architectures. MCT [7]: MCT is a system developed for the Earth System Modeling Framework (ESMF). The system addresses the general model coupling problem, with the parallel data redistribution tightly integrated into the system. MCT de nes a globalSegmentMap to describe each continuous chunk of memory for the data structure in each process. Using globalSegmentMap, MCT can generate a router or a communication scheduler, which tells processes how to transfer data elements between a simulation component and the ux coupler. Note that this indicates that the transfers between two physics components are executed through the ux coupler. CUMULVS [2]: CUMULVS is a middleware library aimed to provide support for remote visualization and steering of parallel applications and sharing parallel data structures between programs. It supports multidimensional arrays like PAWS; however, arrays cannot be distributed in a fully general way. A receiver program in CUMULVS is not a parallel program. It speci es the data it requires in a request that is sent to the parallel sender program. After receiving the request, the sender program generates a sequence of connection calls to transfer the data. CUMULVS essentially provide M 1 parallel data redistribution support, not full M N support. DDB [15]: DDB handles distributed data exchanges between ESM (Earth Science Model) components. DDB is a general-purpose tool for coupling multiple, possibly heterogeneous, parallel models. It is implemented as a library used by all participating elements, one of which serves as a distinguished process during a startup phase preceding the main computation. This registration broker process correlates offers to produce quantities with requests to consume them, forwards the list of intersections to each of the producers, and informs each consumer of how many pieces to expect. After the initial phase, the registration broker may participate as a regular member of the computation. A library of data translation routines is included in the DDB to support exchanges of data between models using different computational grids. Having each producer send directly to each consumer conserves bandwidth, reduces memory requirements, and minimizes the delay that would otherwise
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Not all phishing emails use this approach, but legitimate messages won t use it at all. You can look at the source code of the email (check your client s Help to see how) to see if there are any long weird chunks of text that you don t see in the message. A real email is not going to put Act One of The Importance of Being Earnest in the <title></title> tag. Finally, if you still aren t sure, contact the emailer. Telephone the credit card company or bank using the numbers on your statements; ask your mom if she really needs your password; post a question in eBay s SafeHarbor. Just because electrons are fast doesn t mean you have to keep up with them.
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Virtual dedicated servers are considerably different from shared hosts, yet in some ways they are almost the same. Imagine that a virtual dedicated server is a complex that you live in with five other families, and you all have to do your own yard work and clean up outside, yet the water coming into the facility and the trash removal is shared.
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FIGURE 4.12. Original and displaced wavefront and their difference to illustrate the Saunders procedure to nd a wavefront from its lateral shearing interferogram.
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14.1.1 Network Security Policies
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Building Blocks of Community
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A geometric rendezvous domain decomposition partitions space among processors.
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31 Number Crunching
Introduction: Enabling Large-Scale Computational Science
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