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The initial planning documentation describes the equipment used and where it should be placed within the facility. Once that has been determined, it is time to lay out the network in regard to addressing and segmentation. We will lay out the VLANs and other subnet segments to be used in various areas of the facility. This is the most critical part of the documentation since it will have major impact on the network s operation and performance. This example uses the network space 192.168.X.X to de ne the network. The initial plan of the network layout used IP addressing to specify various segments of the network. An addressing scheme has been devised that uses the third octet of the IP address space to indicate a particular routing switch on any particular oor. Table 13-1 illustrates the IP addressing scheme that is to be used in this network.
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Working with the User Coordinate System
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For even more creative variety, you can follow the steps outlined in the preceding section to paint from several different History states.
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J ( t ) = dT(t)R d ( t )
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Front-end machine A load balancer that distributes client requests to a group of servers, placed behind it. Web server farm A group of Web servers hidden behind the load balancer (or front-end machine) that process incoming Web requests. They are also called back-end servers. To the Web client, the site appears as a single Web server represented by the front-end machine. The front-end machine has an Internet routable IP address (also called public or external IP), but the back-end servers do not need routable IPs. Super farm A server farm consisting of two or more server farms. Port Most servers or devices have only a few physical network interfaces or NICs for data communication. Various services communicating over the same physical NIC are distinguished by port number. Different port numbers are designated for different kinds of IP traffic. For example, port 21 is FTP, port 80 is commonly used for HTTP, and port 23 is used for telnet. Ports 1 1023 are the well-known ports and are defined in RFCs available at various Web sites such as www.faqs.org/rfcs/ and www.ietf.org/. Network address translation (NAT) Load balancers use NAT to allow a public or external IP address to be assigned to a Web site. The individual servers in the Web farm can have private or internal IP addresses. The load balancer forwards incoming requests to the routable IP address (belonging to the front-end server) to servers in the Web farm. Stickiness This is the capability of a load balancer to direct data flows from certain browser clients to the same server in the farm. One criterion to assign stickiness is a mathematical combination of the client browser IP address and TCP port of the requested traffic. Persistent connection For many applications requiring session-specific information (such as a customer shopping cart on an e-commerce Web site), it is important that once a connection is established between a client browser and a back-end server, the connection remain intact for the entire duration of the transaction. For example, when a user purchases a book on a Web site, all requests related to the purchase must
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When you buy a drive, check for format support carefully. If in doubt, ask for more information.
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Embedding objects into a drawing
Air Circulation in a Data Center Placement of Hardware Racks
Table 1-3 Average Cost of Downtime per Hour for a Variety of Industries BUSINESS OPERATION Brokerage operations Credit card/sales authorizations Pay-per-view TV Home shopping (TV) Home catalog sales Airline reservations Telephone ticket sales DOWNTIME COST RANGE (PER HOUR) $5.6M to 7.3M $2.2M to 3.1M $67K to 233K $87K to 140K $60K to 120K $67K to 112K $56K to 82K AVERAGE COST OF DOWNTIME (PER HOUR) $6.45M $2.6M $150K $113K $90K $89.5K $69K
kind, Tn 1 x ; n 1; 3; 5; . . . , where x zn =R. Similarly, the expressions for the even con guration are similar to the even-order Chebyshev polynomials of the second kind, Un x ; n 2; 4; 6; . . . . In both the cases, the solutions of interest are the rst positive root. Accordingly, if the change in the separation of the mirrors between two successive confocal con gurations is measured, it is possible to calculate the radius of the concave surface. Table 7.1 lists the values of zn , the cavity length for successive confocal con gurations, as a function of R, the radius of curvature of the concave surface, while Table 7.2 lists zn zn 1; the corresponding differences in the cavity length between successive con gurations. As can be seen, the separation of the surfaces in the higher order con gurations is much smaller than the radius of curvature of the concave surface, while the distance through which it has to be moved between successive con gurations is even smaller. As a result, surfaces with very long radii can be measured in a limited working space using a short measuring slide. The accuracy with which measurements can be made is limited by two factors. One is the accuracy with which the position of best focus can be estimated; the other is the accuracy with which the movement of the mirror can be measured. A limit is also imposed on the highest order test con guration by the drop in the visibility of the fringes. To optimize the visibility for higher order con gurations, the plane surface
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