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5 Starting Your Web Site
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6. Click OK to close the Windows Firewall window.
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>>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> p.pack_float(3.5) p.pack_double(10.5) p.pack_int(-15) p.pack_uint(15) p.pack_hyper(100) p.pack_uhyper(200) p.pack_enum(3) p.pack_bool(1) p.pack_bool( Hi ) # 32-bit floating point number # 64-bit floating point number # Signed 32-bit integer # Unsigned 32-bit integer # Signed 64-bit integer # Unsigned 64-bit integer # Enumerated type # Booleans are 1 or 0 # Value is true, so stores a 1
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Table 7.2: Achieving success online
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Figure 18-28: Setting up an Action in the head of a page to declare a variable
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Plot styles come in two types, color-dependent and named. Before you work with plot styles, you need to choose which type you want to use: Color-dependent plot styles, the default, are saved in color-dependent plot-style tables, which are files with a file extension of .ctb. You assign plotting properties based on object color. The disadvantage of color-dependent plot styles is that you can t assign different properties to two objects that have the same color. Named plot styles are saved in named plot-style tables, which are files with a file extension of .stb. Named plot styles let you assign plotting properties to objects regardless of their color. Therefore, two objects of the same color can be plotted differently.
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Refinement Pattern
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The values can be in the range of 0 to 255 (the values that a single byte can have). Remember: a string in Python doesn t have to be printable text. A string could hold the raw data of an image file, a binary message received over a network, or anything else.
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In addition, this model assumes that the outputs of the traffic regulators are extremal, periodic on off processes with independent, uniformly distributed phases i.e., the worst-case traffic model explained above.. The key idea behind the algorithm is a two-phase approach for solving the two-resource i.e., bandwidth and buffer. allocation problem. In the first phase, it considers lossless multiplexing only, and a simple but efficient buffer bandwidth allocation policy is used to make the two resources exchangeable. This step reduces the original two-resource problem to a singleresource problem and leads to the concept of lossless effective bandwidth.
You can close the Info palette by clicking its Close box at the top of the palette title bar or pressing Ctrl+5.
5.2.2. Single-Pass Radial Shear Interferometers In this kind of interferometer, the light goes through the instrument only once and two radially sheared interfering wavefronts are produced as illustrated in Figure 5.3. If the interferometer is illuminated by a small, circular extended source, the degree of coherence g12 between any two points on the wavefront is given (Hariharan and Sen 1961a; Murty 1964b) by g12 2J1 2p=l ad 2p=l ad 5:10
Setting Page Margins
The only thing I don t like about this con guration is that I now have a DSL modem and router in my living room. I was trying to get away from wires and clutter! Luckily, they are small devices that are easily tucked away out of view.
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