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to this question by producing an abstract model in 1982 that showed how a quantum system could be used to do computations. In 1985, Deutsch realized one could conceive a general-purpose quantum computer; Deutsch published a seminal paper showing that any physical process, in principle, could be modeled perfectly by a quantum computer; hence a quantum computer would have capabilities far beyond those of any traditional classical computer. Work has continued in earnest since then [671, 672, 673, 674]. Refer to text for complete discussion. Computing: ubiquitous computing Term coined by Mark Weiser in 1988; concept envisions computers embedded in walls, in tabletops, and in common objects. In this environment, an individual could interact with hundreds of computers at a time, each invisibly embedded in the environment and wirelessly communicating with each other [675]. In this environment, the technology recedes into the background. Some call this third paradigm computing (the rst paradigm being mainframes and the second paradigm being the personal computer). Related to the ubiquitous computing paradigm is the idea of smart rooms, where a room might contain multiple sensors that keep track of the comings and goings of the people around [665, 676]. Computing: utility computing (aka grid computing) Computing power on-demand (similar to an electric grid providing ready access to electricity). IBM, Sun, and HP, among others, provide utility computing systems/services [668]. Concentration The amount of substance in a speci ed space. Condensed phase State of matter in which the constituent particles (atoms or molecules) are densely packed in space and in constant interaction with neighbors; usually refers to liquids, liquid crystals, glasses, crystalline solids, or quasi-crystals [677]. Condensed-matter physics In condensed-matter physics studies, quantitative measurements are used to probe the electrical, optical, thermal, and magnetic properties of a material; these measurements also focus on a material s response to externally applied electrical elds and temperature gradients [406]. Conductor Material that conducts current. Con nement Property of the strong interactions that quarks or gluons are never found separately but only inside color-neutral composite objects [50]. Confocal microscopy Approach that makes use of spatial ltering to eliminate out-of-focus light or are in specimens that are thicker than the plane of focus. Confocal microscopy o ers several advantages over conventional optical microscopy, including controllable depth of eld, the elimination of image degrading out-of-focus information, and the ability to collect serial optical sections from thick specimens. There has been a lot of interest in confocal microscopy in recent years, due to the relative ease with which extremely high quality images can be obtained from specimens prepared for conventional optical microscopy, and due to the large number of applications in many areas of current research interest [678]. Current instruments are highly evolved from the earliest versions, but the principle of confocal imaging advanced by Marvin Minsky, and patented in 1957, is employed in all modern confocal microscopes. In a conventional wide eld microscope, the entire specimen is bathed in light from a mercury or xenon source, and the image can be viewed directly by eye or projected onto an image capture device or photographic lm. In contrast, the method of image formation in a confocal microscope is fundamentally di erent. Illumination is achieved by scanning one or more focused beams of light, usually from a laser or arc-discharge source, across the specimen. This point of illumination is brought
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38 Disaster Recovery When Bad Things Happen to Good People High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) Five Phases of DR
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You can measure type in Photoshop 6 in points, pixels, or millimeters. To make your selection, press Ctrl+K and then Ctrl+5 to open the Units and Rulers panel of the Preferences dialog box. (You must exit text mode to do so.) Select the unit you want to use from the Type pop-up menu. You can enter values in any of the acceptable units of measurement, and Photoshop automatically converts the value to the unit you select in the Preferences dialog box. Just type the number followed by the unit s abbreviation ( in for inches, for example). After you press Enter, Photoshop makes the conversion for you. See 2 for more information about measurement units in Photoshop 6. If the resolution of your image is 72 ppi, points and pixels are equal. There are 72 points in an inch, so 72 ppi means only 1 pixel per point. If the resolution is higher, however, a single point may include many pixels. The moral is to select the point option when you want to scale text according to image resolution; select pixels when you want to map text to an exact number of pixels in an image. (If you prefer, you can use millimeters instead of points; 1 millimeter equals 0.039 inch, which means 25.64 mm equals 72 points.)
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Incidentally, the main advantage of using the Custom filter rather than using Filter Stylize Emboss to produce embossing effects is that Custom preserves the colors in an image while Emboss sacrifices color and changes low-contrast portions of an image to gray. Figure A-28 shows the matrix values from the first example of Figure A-26 applied to a color image. It also shows examples of other Custom effects, including variations on sharpening and edge-detection. If you become enthralled with convolution kernels and you feel compelled to explore them in more detail, you may want to check out a $200 plug-in called KPT Convolver from MetaCreations. Although steeply priced, it permits you to explore convolutions using a more intuitive interface and without using any math. Convolver doesn t do anything that you can t already do with the Custom filter, but it can simultaneously apply different convolutions to separate color channels, and it permits you to investigate filtering possibilities that you aren t likely to discover on your own.
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hash function An algorithm that distributes items evenly into one of a number of possible buckets in a hash table. header A protocol-speci c eld or elds that precede the encapsulated higher-layer data payload.
(c) The observations are independent. Therefore, their covariance matrix is diagonal. Its
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