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C* has the same units as a* and b*. Achromatic stimuli have C * values of 0.0 (i.e., no chroma). Hue angle, hab, is expressed in positive degrees starting from 0 at the positive a* axis and progressing in a counter-clockwise direction. Figure 10.3 is a full-color three-dimensional representation of the CIELAB color space sampled along the lightness, chroma, and hue angle dimensions. The CIELAB formula takes the XYZ tristimulus values of a stimulus and the reference white as input and produces correlates to lightness L*, chroma, C* , and hue, hab as output. Thus CIELAB is a simple form of a ab color appearance model. Table 10.1 provides worked examples of CIELAB calculations. While the CIELAB space provides a simple example of a color appearance model, there are some known limitations. The perceptual uniformity of the CIELAB space can be evaluated by examining plots of constant hue and chroma contours from the Munsell Book of Color. Such a plot is illustrated in Figure 10.4. Since the Munsell system is designed to be perceptually uniform in terms of hue and chroma, to the extent that it realizes this objective Figure 10.4 should ideally be a set of concentric circles representing the constant chroma contours with straight lines radiating from the center representing constant hue. As can be seen in Figure 10.4, the CIELAB space does a respectable job of representing the Munsell system uniformly. However, further examination of constant hue contours using a CRT system (capable of achieving higher chroma than generally available in the Munsell Book of Color) have illustrated discrepancies between observed and predicted results (e.g., Hung and Berns 1995). Figure 10.5 shows constant perceived hue lines from Hung and Berns (1995). It is clear that these lines are curved in the CIELAB space, particularly for red and blue hues. A similar examination of the CIELAB lightness scale can be made by plotting Munsell value as a function of L* as shown in Figure 10.6. Clearly, the L* function predicts lightness, as de ned by Munsell value, quite well. In fact,
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Bandwidth (MHz, %) 90, 4.6 82, 4.4 81, 4.4 73, 4.2 76, 4.6
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If the measurements in Figure 3.27 are available, then the I /V characteristics have the following general form, equivalent to eq. (2.2) in 2: i(t) = i(vDC , T , v(t)) (3.31)
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create_polygon(x1,y2, x2,y2,...,xn,yn)
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Color field: The color field shows a 16-bit range of variations on the current slider color. Click inside it to move the color selection marker and, thereby, select a new color. The field graphs colors against the two remaining attributes not represented by the color slider. For example, if you select the H (Hue) radio button, the field graphs colors according to brightness vertically and saturation horizontally, as demonstrated in the first example of Figure 4-3. The other examples show what happens to the color field when you select the S (Saturation) and B (Brightness) radio buttons.
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The general description of the SBS process has to take into account the growing of the re ected Stokes light from the SBS process, the depletion of the incident pump light, and the growing of the hypersound wave inside the SBS material. The interaction is based on the electrostriction in the SBS material. The thermally generated hypersound noise causes spontaneous Brillouin scattering, which is necessary for starting the stimulated scattering. For the description it is assumed that the incident pump light propagates along the ~ z axis into the SBS material. The total electric eld amplitude E can then be represented as the sum of the two counterpropagating elds: ~ ~ r ~ r E EP (~, t) ES (~, t) with the component of the pump light   ~ P 1 EP (~, t) exp i(kP z vP t) c:c: ~P E r e 2 (4)
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monitor to the video card via these connectors. When using a computer monitor, audio is played through the speakers that you have attached to your computer. You can connect both a TV and a computer monitor at the same time. Following the connection scenarios above, connect the TV using the S-Video or composite connection and your computer monitor to the 15-pin VGA or DVI connector. When you turn on your computer both displays will be active and you can use the Display Properties from the Control Panel in Windows XP to make adjustments to how the two displays should work together. You can have them both display the same information and create a virtual desktop that spans the two displays. This is good for using Windows XP on the computer monitor while Media Center runs on the TV.
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If an ion exchange resin (Section 2.4.1) were equilibrated at pH 9.0 and then exposed to a second buffer at pH 7.0, a pH gradient would be formed between these two buffers. However, this gradient would be narrow because of the limited buffering capacity of the two buffers across the whole range 9.0 7.0 and it would be quite unstable. A chromatographic technique called chromatofocusing (Figure 5.25) based on the same principle as IEF uses the high buffering capacity of an ion-exchange resin coupled with amphoteric buffers to generate a stable pH gradient. Amphoteric buffers are
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Pencil tool Point tool Figure 17-23: Use the pencil tool to draw free-form lines in the brightness graph. If the lines appear rough, you can soften them by clicking on the Smooth button.
Understanding the Reader Environment
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p = 0.63, NPV = 16.5 p = 0.37, NPV = 10.8
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