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14.5 Neutron Shielding
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Undo undoes the last edit. Right-click to open the Grip shortcut menu and choose Undo. Reference lets you specify a reference length and a new scale. Right-click to open the Grip shortcut menu and choose Reference. You see the Specify reference length <0>: prompt. Type a length or pick two points to specify a length. You see the Specify new length or [Base point/Copy/Undo/Reference/eXit]: prompt. Type a length or pick a point. This works like the Reference option for the SCALE command. (See 9.) eXit returns you to the Command prompt. Right-click to open the Grip shortcut menu and choose Exit. Esc also returns you to the Command prompt.
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Alternatively, you can query the Exception object to find out more about the problem. All Exception objects contain the following methods that you can use to get more information:
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Windows XP is the first Microsoft operating system to include built-in support for wireless networking. When equipped with a wireless network adapter card, a Windows XP system typically needs no additional client software installed to connect to wireless networks. As long as the wireless network cards supports it, a Windows XP feature known as Wireless Zero Configuration handles all the details of discovering and connecting to available wireless networks within range. The name associated with this feature is somewhat misleading. Windows XP automatically detects and prompts you to connect to unsecured wireless networks within range; however, in cases where a wireless network is protected by advanced security features such as encryption, at least a small amount of configuration is always required.
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Some flavors of dbm (including dumbdbm) permit modifications to a database opened read-only!
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CT Image
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You can download scripts that demonstrate these privileges from the book s Web site. The script MakeShippingClerk.sql builds a test database and uses the previous code snippets to create the ShippingClerk with the correct privileges. The UseShippingClerk.sql script performs the tasks that the shipping clerk would perform while shipping an order. The DropShippingClerk.sql script deletes the ShippingClerk account and the test database.
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60. T. Chen, S. Liu, and V. Samalam, The available bit rate service for data in ATM networks, IEEE Commun. Mag., May 1996. 61. R. Jain, S. Kalyanaraman, R. Goyal, S. Fahmy, and R. Viswanathan, ERICA switch algorithm: a complete description, ATM Forum Contribution 96-1172, Aug. 1996. 62. A. Arulambalam, X. Chen, and N. Ansari, Allocating fair rates for available bit rate service in ATM networks, IEEE Commun. Mag., Nov. 1996. 63. X. Guo, Principles of backlog balancing for rate-based flow control and congestion control in ATM networks, Ph.D. dissertation, Department of Information Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Dec. 1996. 64. H. R. Gail, G. Grover, R. Guerin, S. L. Hantler, Z. Rosberg, and M. Sidi, Buffer size requirements under longest queue first, Performance E al., vol. 18, pp. 133 140, 1993. 65. A. Birman, H. R. Gail, and S. L. Hantler, An optimal service policy for buffer systems, J. ACM, vol. 42, no. 3, pp. 641 657, 1995. 66. R. Guerin and J. Heinanen, UBR q service category, ATM Forum Contribution 96-1598, Dec. 1996. 67. L. Roberts, Enhanced PRCA proportional rate-control algorithm., AF-TM 94-0735R1, ATM Forum, Aug. 1994. 68. L. Roberts, et al., New pseudocode for explicit rate plus EFCI support, AF-TM 94-0974, ATM Forum, Oct. 1994. 69. R. Jain, S. Kalyanaraman, and R. Viswanathan, The OSU scheme for congestion avoidance using explicit rate indication, AF-TM 94-0883, ATM Forum, Sep. 1994. 70. R. Jain, S. Kalyanaraman, and R. Viswanathan, The EPRCA q scheme, AF-TM 94-0988, ATM Forum, Oct. 1994. 71. A. W. Barnhart, Explicit rate performance evaluation, AF-TM 94-0983R1, ATM Forum, Oct. 1994. 72. W. Stallings, High-Speed Networks: TCPrIP and ATM Design Principles, Prentice-Hall, 1998. 73. M. Allman, S. Floyd, and C. Partridge, Increasing TCP s initial window size, RFC 2414, Internet Engineering Task Force IETF., Sep. 1998. 74. R. Braden, Requirements for internet hosts communication layers, RFC 1122, Internet Engineering Task Force IETF., Oct. 1989. 75. S. Bradner, Key words for use in RFCs to indicate requirement levels, RFC 2119, Internet Engineering Task Force IETF., Mar. 1997. 76. D. Clark, Window and acknowledgment strategy in TCP, RFC 813, Internet Engineering Task Force IETF., Jul. 1982. 77. K. Fall and S. Floyd, Simulation-based comparisons of Tahoe, Reno and SACK TCP, Comput. Commun. Re ., Jul. 1996. 78. S. Floyd and T. Henderson, The new Reno modification to TCP s fast recovery algorithm, RFC 2582, Internet Engineering Task Force IETF., Apr. 1999. 79. S. Floyd, TCP and successive fast retransmits, Technical report, ftp:r, Oct. 1994. 80. J. Hoe, Improving the start-up behavior of a congestion control scheme for TCP, Proc. ACM SIGCOMM, Aug. 1996.
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Figure 13.10 Project risk profile
ines are the most commonly drawn object in 2D AutoCAD drawings you ll use the LINE command a lot! Straight edges just happen to be very common in the real world. Related commands for drawing rectangles, polygons, and construction lines are also important, so you should have all of these commands in your arsenal. This chapter explains how to draw all these types of objects.
Figure 1-3
PROBLEMS CAUSED BY CONSOLIDATING APPLICATIONS AND RESOURCES Since more network ports and users need access to applications in the centralized subnet or VLAN, several servers are impacted by a single security breach.
I should mention that Photoshop provides several automated edge-tracing filters including Find Edges, Trace Contour, and the Gallery Effects acquisition, Glowing Edges. But High Pass affords more control than any of these commands and permits you to explore a wider range of alternatives. Also worth noting, several Gallery Effects filters most obviously Filter Sketch Photocopy lift much of their code directly from High Pass. Although it may seem at first glance a strange effect, High Pass is one of the seminal filters in Photoshop.
Figure 24-33: When you use the UCS option, the lines seem to touch the boundary edge when you view the bushing from the top, but they can have different Z coordinates.
The departure-event-driven traffic-shaping DEDTS. algorithm presented above, along with its implementation architecture for an ATM shaping multiplexer, can guarantee that each virtual connection s traffic flow will strictly conform to the negotiated parameters and that no cell will be enforced by the UPC and NPC functions. The algorithm combines both shaping and scheduling functions by timestamping cells using the DEDTS algorithm, which eliminates the bottleneck problem when shaping thousands of virtual connections at the input line. The DEDTS eliminates the difficulty of choosing proper CDVT and BT values. The simulation study shows that any extra delay that may be introduced in the DEDTS is negligible.
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