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Typing coordinates in the Dynamic Input tooltip
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Part III Selections, Masks, and Filters
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Transport layer (Layer 4) The Transport layer functions the same in both reference models. The two major protocols that operate at this layer are TCP and UDP. TCP is a connection-oriented protocol and therefore provides reliable delivery. UDP, on the other hand, is connectionless and provides unreliable data delivery. Network layer or Internet layer (Layer 3) This layer performs the same functions as Layer 3 of the OSI reference model. The network layer is responsible for routing a packet from a source to a destination. It can do this within a LAN as well as over multiple LANs, MANs, and WANs. Data Link layer (Layer 2) This layer is often combined with the Physical layer and is referred to as the host to Network layer. The TCP/IP reference model largely ignores these lower layers. All it cares about it that there is a connection to pass data on. Physical layer (Layer 1) This layer is often combined with the Data Link layer and is largely ignored as well, although it does provide the connections to get data passed to a destination. Make no mistake, however: If the Physical layer isn t working, you will miss it real quick. It s like that old saying, You don t know what you ve got until it s gone.
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As described in 18, the CIE procedure for calculating a color rendering index for light sources is based on an obsolete color space. CIE Technical Committee 1-33 was established to formulate a new procedure for calculating a color rendering index for light sources. There are two aspects to this problem. The rst is the speci cation of a calculation procedure and the second is the selection of a color space in which to do the calculations. A color appearance model is necessary since color rendering indices must be compared for light sources of various colors. TC1-33 developed new procedures and published a closing report (CIE 1999), but did not arrive at a new recommendation.
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WSDL Description of a Web Service Endpoint
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Respiratory system
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Database Manager (2)
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How Radar Works The radar scanner rotates at approximately 24 revolutions per minute, and while it does this, it transmits pulses of microwave energy. The time interval between each pulse is long enough to allow a pulse to travel out to the maximum range of the radar and back to the scanner. This means that the radar is listening for about 99.9% of the time and transmitting for less than 0.1%. Although each pulse may be 2 or 4 kilowatts, the average power is only 2 to 4 watts. Measuring Range If one of these pulses strikes a solid object the pulse is re ected back to the scanner and the time taken for the return journey is used to calculate the distance of the target from your boat.
The table shows the relative risk of various cancers, in men and women with BMI 35 40 kg/m2, as compared with the normal-weight population with BMI 18.4 24.9 kg/m2. Adapted from Calle et al. (2003).
Part VI: Securing Your Home Network
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